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FFLINX’S SFB9 Review July 27, 2019

This year's Scott Fish Bowl (SFB9) has been the talk of the fantasy town for the past few weeks. With drafts wrapped up, FFLinx reviews his lineup and goes over his strategies for this draft and other superflex and premium scoring leagues. Become a member...

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Making The Case for Dynasty Number One: Quarterback April 2, 2019

One of the great aspects of dynasty fantasy football is how the format lends itself to debate. When ranking players, you can choose to base it on short-term vs. long-term windows, on their ability or based on their situation. With free agency all but over...

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The case For and Against drafting DeShaun Watson June 15, 2018

is undoubtedly a talented QB, and his 2017 season was cut tragically short. In the time he did play, he was arguably the best QB in the NFL, specifically Weeks 3 through 8 when he assumed the starting role and began to thrive. But with such a small sample...

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The Devy Digest November 12, 2016

Quarterbacks Edition   With the college football season more than halfway over, many fans are starting to put together their big boards and thinking about how their devy drafts might shake out. Now is a good time to review the quarterbacks I believe are ...

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