Author name: Tim Riley

Active Duty Navy. Diontae Johnson WR1. Staff writer

Post-Draft Dynasty Sleepers for 2023

Welcome in, everybody. The Dynasty startup season is now in full swing, and I wanted to look at some sleepers for the upcoming season. For one reason or another, the players we will look at today have fallen under the consensus radar. I will use our own DFF AccuRankings to highlight a few guys I believe will significantly outperform current rankings. 

Dynasty Fantasy Football for Beginners: Pre-Draft Prep

One of my favorite parts of Dynasty Fantasy Football is introducing someone new to it. It’s a more complex game than Redraft. requiring more forward-thinking, with many strategies and approaches to building your team. Your Dynasty startup is crucial to setting your team up for success in a Dynasty league. As we plunge into startup season, I’ll author a series of articles on different concepts, strategies, and tips for the beginner Dynasty manager. I primarily use Sleeper; it’s the easiest app for a league commissioner to utilize and navigate, so I will defer to it for this article. For now, we’ll start at square one.