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Truth or Bogus? – Fantasy Championship Edition December 22, 2018

Here you are, intrepid Fantasy Owner. You have reached the very pinnacle of fantasy sports. You are playing in the Fantasy Football Championship week. Kudos and accolades to you, dear friend. You are what all of us endeavor to be. So how are you going to ...

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Truth or Bogus? – Week 4 Recap October 4, 2018

Week 4 represents a benchmark for fantasy football squads everywhere. It’s a swing week. A week where teams walked into this week facing the prospect of starting their season either 3-1 or 2-2. The difference between those two numbers is critical. Being...

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Truth or Bogus – Week 2 Recap September 22, 2018

Injuries, trades, cuts… Week 2 of the NFL season had it all. It seems like every week there’s a big event that gets fantasy owners talking and analysts pumping out fantasy headlines. In the reactionary world of fantasy football, some of these headline...

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Week 2 IDP AFC Snap Counts September 20, 2018

Snap counts are essential for IDP. Tackles, sacks, and interceptions are really hard to get when you’re standing on the sidelines. Watching snap counts rise and fall is the first step in finding sleepers who are about to break out and players who are on...

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Fantasy Panic Attack! September 13, 2018

The first week of the fantasy season is a cruel, opportunistic temptress. She lures you in with the promises of bragging rights, league trophies, cash prizes, and all-around glory. But for many of us, the first week of the fantasy season is a period of gr...

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