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Cedric Tillman

Rookie Recoil

Today I’m highlighting some rookies from the 2023 NFL Draft class that I am out on for fantasy purposes. The landing spot doesn’t matter, the situation doesn’t matter, I’m out, no matter what.

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CJ Storud

CJ Stroud – The Real Life Bo Callahan?

With the 2023 NFL Draft tonight, for some reason CJ Stroud’s name is being dragged through the mud, by either claims that are proven incorrect or just outright odd things. This is reminiscent of what happened to Bo Ridley Callahan in the movie Draft Day. In the words of Dick Moore, Wisconsin, and Bo Callahan’s college coach, “You kidding me with this?  You trying to tear this kid down our what?”

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anthony richardson getty

The Enigma of Anthony Richardson

Today I want to discuss one of the most polarizing Superflex prospects of the 2023 incoming rookie class – Anthony Richardson (QB-Florida). There appears to be no in-between with how the fantasy community views AR15, he’s either the best QB of this rookie class or will be a total bust. I have planted my flag on the latter side, and am here to explain why.

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Braelon Allen

The Devy Forecast: Running Backs

With spring practices underway for NCAA college football it felt like the right time to highlight the current landscape of Devy rankings through the lens of my top 5 Devy players at each main skill position: QB, RB, and WR. 

If you’re into Devy or just curious about the format this is the article for you! This is the second in a three-part series. The previous piece covered QBs, HERE. This piece covers RBs and the next will highlight my favorite Devy WRs, respectively.

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Dynasty Risers and Fallers Week 3

Top 5 Dynasty Sleeper Buys

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been a HUGE Gardner Minshew fan. He came into the NFL severely underrated as a QB coming out of Mike Leach’s WSU offense where anyone could pass for 5,000 yards. However, Minshew was given his chance to play for the Jaguars, and he played well!  replaced him with generational talent Trevor Lawrence, which is understandable, but how this guy hasn’t been given another shot by a different team after what he showed is beyond me. Minshew had to step in for an injured Jalen Hurts for a couple of spot starts last year, and again, looked impressive.  Everything I’m hearing draft buzz-wise is that Indy may pass on a first-round QB and hand the reigns over to Minshew, making the mustachioed miracle an interesting buy low.

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caleb williams USC

The Devy Forecast: Quarterbacks

It should come as no surprise that last year’s Heisman winner slots in at the top of the QB Devy list. Caleb Williams is a special talent that has his skills fully on display last year at USC. Had he been healthy toward the end of the season USC would’ve easily secured a playoff birth. But alas, that was not meant to be. Williams is a QB that can do magnificent things on a football field and he should dominate the NCAA again in 2023.

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Joe Milton

@DynastyPatrolHQ’s Devy Sleepers

I’m choosing to highlight my personal favorite fantasy football format today: The Devy Superflex League. If you’re unfamiliar, Devy is a step up from Dynasty formats in that you select college players including incoming freshmen. In my favorite league we have 14 managers and the Devy Draft each year is 10 rounds.  That means we’re drafting 140 new college players every year – exciting stuff!! Today I’m focusing on five under-the-radar Devy Superflex prospects that I think can make all the difference for your team.