Derek Carr to the New Orleans Saints

The morning after the combine, everyone is moving rookie rankings up and down based on the measurements and data collected from the weekend. Little did we know we would get the first domino to fall in the off-season QB market. Derek Carr has signed a 4-year deal with the New Orleans Saints worth $150M and $100M in guarantees. The Saints are again using some strange contract structures to pretend that the salary cap does not exist. That is a discussion for another time though. For now, we dive forward into what Carr to the Saints means in terms of Dynasty Fantasy Football. Before I continue, special thanks to Chris Museezer (@force_fantasty) and Paul Patterson (@fantastyfreezer) for helping with data sources and outlining. I may be the one putting the words on the screen but those guys had already gathered useful data for me before I even turned my computer on today. 
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