Where We Went Wrong: Zach Wilson & Jalen Hurts

NFL teams every single year find themselves in one of two camps at this time. Those that have their Quarterback for the future and those that do not. Those that don’t are frequently tasked with drafting a quarterback, one of the most challenging parts of a General Manager's job in the NFL. Over the years we have had plenty of decisions that get questioned for years to come. Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino or Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf, the differences these selections make are truly franchise-altering decisions. This process is mimicked often in the Dynasty Football space as we sit and try to evaluate the talent and project how they will perform at the NFL level. Longevity is an important trait of Quarterbacks taken in the first round of our Superflex rookie drafts like NFL teams. We may tend in the Fantasy circles to like mobile Quarterbacks a bit more than the NFL thanks to their rushing floor but mostly want the same things NFL teams want in signal callers. Sometimes we hit, Andrew Luck was exactly what we thought he was coming out of college. Sometimes we miss though. Today's two cases we will discuss that we as a community were wrong on. 
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