DFS Week 9

Week 9 is here and there are some great values that you cannot miss out on!  So let’s get ready to dig in! Also, don’t forget to create multiple lines and diversify your lineups to prevent unforeseen ‘busts’. 

Below I am going to highlight some of the best plays for this Sunday’s main slate. I have broken these plays down by position and by “Top Price”, “Middle Price”, and “Low Price”.  Then, I list the players’ respective prices, projected points, and projected ownership in tournaments. Projected ownership is important to keep in mind for tournament plays as opposed to a regular cash play. In the “Notes,” I have given my thoughts about each player. I have also color-coded the quality level of each play. Green stands for a top-tier play, yellow is a middle-tier play, and red is a fade play.  (I only note players predicted over 8% ownership.)


Running Back

Wide Receiver

Tight End


Another fun way to bet is by picking a team spread, money line, or player-prop. Below are my favorite bets for each. 

Giants (+3) at -110 odds

Patriots money line vs the Panthers at -196 odds

Jimmy Garoppolo over 204.5 at -110  odds 

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