IDP Devy: An Interview with Coray Williams, SS, Wesley College Wolverines

Coray Williams – Interview

Wesley College Wolverines #8 Strong Safety

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  • Played at Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey, coached by Chris Beagan
  • First Team All-Conference and First Team All-New Jersey defensive back.Has played 42 games, starting 34 games for Wesley College in the New Jersey Athletic Conference
  • Has played Safety, Cornerback & Linebacker for the Wolverines
  • 189 Tackles, 115 solo’s, six tackles for a loss, nine interceptions, 17 pass breakups, 151 return yards, three blocked kicks, two forced fumbles & 2 fumble recoveries

This week’s interview is with a super talented and versatile Coray Williams of Wesley College. The Senior safety was gracious enough to give us a few minutes and discuss his football career, beginning from his Pee Wee days through his college career. Let’s dive right into the interview.

Who introduced you to the game of football?

My dad introduced me to the game. He started me playing for a team at the age of five.

Why did you choose Wesley College to further your football career?

I liked the winning tradition at the school, my meeting with coach Drass who was the head coach at the time was awesome, coach Azzanessi told me that I will always have a home at Wesley and on my visit, I just felt at home.

When asked to switch from WR to SS, what were your initial thoughts? Why did you make the change and think that was the best decision for your career?

My initial thought was that it was going to be tough, but nothing I could not do. I made the change because it was an opportunity to get on the field early in college, and it was to help the team. 

What’s the one thing you need to improve most about your game?

Breaking fast on the ball.

What the strongest part of your game?

My field awareness. I feel I am good at knowing my opponent and knowing what they’re trying to do.

What’s your favorite song of all-time?

Breathe by Fabolous.

What would you do career-wise if you didn’t play football?

I would be a sports performance training.

What one game would you recommend someone watch of your play?

ECAC Bowl Game against Westminster my junior year.

What one game would you like to replay, and why?

Salisbury game my senior year. We lost by a touchdown, and I got hurt and had to sit the rest of the first half.

Do you play fantasy football?


What NFL cornerback do you pattern your game after?

Not a cornerback but Derwin James.

What is the one famous dead person you could talk to for a day and why?

Sean Taylor. He was one of the most dominant safeties in the game.

What’s your favorite defensive play call & why?

Bench Stab. I like coming downhill for run support.

Do you believe in soulmates?


Now that the season is finished, what are your next steps and goals?

My next steps and goals are to get ready for the CGS Small School Showcase in Texas in January. And also prepare for a possible pro day. Then my goal is to hopefully get into an NFL camp somewhere and make a name for my self.

What opposing player hit you the hardest?

Salisbury, my freshman year. I was on kick return coming across for a kick out block and was lifted.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

Tampa, Florida. It is where I was born and would want to go see it.

Who is the one opposing player that you want to lay the wood on most? Why?

Mario Nigro. We’re from the same area and work out together at the same gym. We always compete and talk smack to each other.

Do you play video games? Which Platform?

Yes, PS4.

If you had to tell an inspiring HS player on what the hardest part of playing college ball is, what would it be and why? 

Time management. It gets hard trying to balance your school work and going to classes with workouts, meetings, and practices. But once you know how to manage your time, it’s not as hard.

If you had to give any pointers, what would they be?

Stay down and stay humble. Trust the process and work hard. Everything will fall into place eventually.

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