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Who to get for the Fantasy Playoffs? November 9, 2019

Speaking of quarterbacks that you can get off of waivers unless somebody in your league did this already, we have Nick Foles. Normally, I wouldn't touch good ol' St. Nick in fantasy. However, he plays the Raiders and the Falcons during fantasy playoffs, w...

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Fantasy Impact of T.Y. Hilton’s Injury November 2, 2019

The Indianapolis Colts will be without their number one pass-catcher, T.Y. Hilton, for the next few weeks due to a calf injury. This will have a large ripple effect on the entire offense during the time that Hilton will be sidelined. 

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The Fantasy Impact of Andrew Luck Retiring August 25, 2019

Saturday night brought the stunning announcement that Andrew Luck has decided to retire from the NFL. After dealing with injuries for most of his career, it’s understandable but shocking nonetheless. The impact of Luck’s retirement on the fant...

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