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Rookie Stock Market: Week 10 November 20, 2020

Shooters shoot and I’ve taken my fair share, and today I will admit to an airball I took. Giving dynasty advice is essentially just making an educated guess, but we still need to admit when we’re wrong. I still like my process and trust my rookie eval...

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Rookie Stock Market: Week 9 November 13, 2020

The push for the playoffs is upon us. In just a few weeks some of us will be sweating all Monday night to see if we snuck into the playoffs. We may end up counting on a rookie like Brandon Aiyuk or Zack Moss to carry us to victory that Monday night as the...

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Rookie Stock Market: Week 7 October 30, 2020

Mr. Bryant, my pre-draft TE1, has found himself in a pretty good situation, at least for the next couple of weeks. Before Week 7, Bryant was operating as the Browns' TE2. Although not a flashy title, it still allowed Bryant to see around 50% of the offens...

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