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2018 2nd Year Breakouts

Whether due to injury or being drafted into a backup role, these rookies did not get their chance to shine this year. Here are five players to keep a hold of or snag if you still can heading into 2018. : Mack’s college career shows he is capable of bein

Projected Futures: Week 3

The NFL season is finally here and the direction our teams take early on in the season will play a significant role in the type of trades we make throughout the year. As an owner it is hard to part with my future draft picks unless I know it is […]

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Buy Zach Ertz Now

If this article seems a tad rushed to you that’s because it is. I do apologize in advance; sometimes you feel the need to share your thoughts before they slip from your mind. At least I do, maybe that’s due to my advancing age, receding hairli

Overhyped: Running Backs

There are a few players who get way too much hype each offseason. For example, was arguably the most hyped player last offseason, despite getting the vast majority of his fantasy points in only five games. Similar to Gurley’s 2016 off-season hype, there