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I enjoy football year round. I have 4 boys who keep me on the run. My wife likes to keep me busy as well! I play in many different styles of Dynasty football. My passion is IDP. In my spare time I enjoy scouting the next group of IDP's

IDP Rookie Mock Draft: Rounds 4-6

Yesterday we shared rounds 1-3 with you, today we’ll close out this mock draft with rounds 4-6. Round 4 4.1 @nateclever8 Malik McDowell, DL: Can line up anywhere on DL and can get to QB. Love the kid hope he continues to learn and grow his game 4.2 @DF

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IDP Rookie Mock Draft: Rounds 1-3

I’d like to thank all of the DFF family and friends for taking the time to help out on this mock. Without them, this would not have happened. If you’re anything like me, you’re eating, sleeping, drinking, and talking about your upcoming

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