Five IDP Rookie Sleepers That Deserve Some Love

I wanted to offer up 5 players who are not getting as much hype as the top tier IDP players. @DFF_Maverick gave me this idea after I read his offensive version, found here. These players could all carve out a quality roll and be a weekly starter for you. Let’s dive right in.

Kendrick Norton Jr, DT, Miami

This is more for the DT premium crowd. This junior played in 38 games in his college career and notched up 84 tackles with 18 of those going for a loss. This is impressive and shows his ability to get through the gap and make plays in the offenses backyard. I like the DTs who can penetrate and get those extra bonus points in fantasy. The tackles for losses and tackles alone really can be a difference in games. One of the strongest parts of his game is his ability to make tackles.  This guy is as strong as they come and will be a force in run support. That strength can also push a pocket to help against the pass. I’d like him to develop a few moves and not have to rely on strength alone, but he gets it’s done. His ability to handle the pass and run can keep him involved in an every-down role.

Genard Avery, LB, Memphis

If you have been keeping up with me you will already know how much I like this young player. I’m still left scratching my head when I see people who don’t know him. This senior racked up 230 tackles! Now that’s some serious production. Can you believe 45 tackles for a loss were credited to him? I know! 22 sacks as well. Not a bad stat line for him. He brings a complete package to the NFL. I get very pumped up when I watch him play. The LBs who can tackle, bring pressure, AND drop into coverage… I want players like that on my team. My ideal draft spot would be in New England where he could be used for his strengths and be moved around more than in a traditional role. He is a quality player who needs to be on your draft board.

Christian Sam, LB, Arizona State

I’m always looking for a late round steal in my rookie drafts and he has become my target. He will be a day three guy who could develop into a quality three-down player. This junior collected 240 tackles with 17 going for a loss. He will try and bring that type of productivity into the NFL. He delivers solid hits and can be a steady tackler. My concerns with him are in coverage. At times he seems to be looking around the field and not paying attention to the guy with the ball, the QB. This will be coached up and I am sure he can understand his role and rise to the challenge. When it comes to understanding the run game he has it down.  He would be a great stash player.

Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane

When it comes to corners I look for nickel and dime players. These are the corners who can get tackles and more points because they get targeted more and are not the top ”shut down” players who tend to not get thrown at as often. He can stay with most receivers one on one and solid when asked to play zone. In leagues that reward big plays like interceptions, he could be valuable as he knows where the ball is.  I’m worried about him tackling as his form and body are not the best to have to bring down running backs. Add him to your late round players to grab list.


Jeremy Reaves, Safety, South Alabama.

If your looking for a ball-hawking safety this is a player to watch. I consider him a zone specialist who could roam a secondary to let those in front get after the offense.  I don’t hear him talked about much and think it’s because he would have fewer chances of tackles being a player who would not thrive in the ”box”. In the right defense, he could reward teams with some INTs and he could bring his corner skills to cover the slot. That’s a nice chess piece for any defense.  So far I have mentioned he could play free safety and in the slot. Well, he is also a good blitzer who could bring the heat from the slot. Do I have your attention yet? I thought so! He is a good weapon with some good skills, so write his name down and look for him with your late round picks.


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