IDP Meeting of the Minds: Josey, Jets and Jokes

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@Ben_Glaser sent us this one: Sam Bradford, over/under 18.5 snaps is he able to play against Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh and Michael Brockers before leaving injured?

@Ben_Glaser: @TheRealNFLMemes said it best:

@DFF_DWIN: This defensive line of the Rams is going to wreck havoc on the league, so no QB is safe. If Bradford is healthy, which is always a major concern, I do think he will get over 18 snaps. In my opinion, the Cards are going to run the ball as much as possible and limit the number of shots Bradford takes. I would expect a lot of quick passes and lot of shotgun sets when he does throw it. But as we all know, it only takes one rock to break glass.

The rest of us can’t compete with @TheRealNFLMemes.

Josey Jewell is higher ranked for some and much lower for others. Should he be targeted or avoided in rookie drafts?

@seahawksdan8: I’m going to go with the cop out answer and say that it truly depends on the landing spot for me. If he is in a position to start right away and will get an opportunity similar to Jarrad Davis last year where he was the clear-cut starter, then I want him in the 4th round of my rookie drafts.

@DFF_JohnIDP: This is a player I have seen ranked very high on some boards. I can see some skills where he could end up with playing time down the road, just not early on. Here are the players I would prefer ahead of him.  This would be a good late stash for me. He struggles too much finishing tackles and lacks some technique for me in tackling which scares me off. My view is he would need to make the team on special teams. I’m interested to know everyone’s thoughts on him.

@Ben_Glaser: He’s a Hawkeye. You should already know my answer. His combine numbers were worrisome, so it will all come down to when he gets drafted. If he gets drafted in the 6th round or later, like Scooby Wright a few years back, I will pick Jewell off the waiver wire if I have a spare roster spot, but I won’t draft him. If he goes 5th Round or earlier, I’ll try and pick him up late.

@DFF_DWIN: Jewell is a throwback to the old days at Linebacker, and I happen to be one that has him ranked very highly. He is going to rack up a ton of tackles, and when you watch his tape, you can see that he can also drop into coverage and be effective. He’s going to be an early down thumper for sure, and I see no reason that he can’t play all three. I don’t get caught up in the combine numbers, as I tend to go more off of film and that film tells me, he can flat out play. I may be in the minority on his value, but I would absolutely draft him. Depending on the league, I would start looking at him somewhere in the 3rd/4th round. If you feel you could get him later, then his value increases.

Olivier Vernon has been a player who has moved around in fantasy so far. Lots of trades. Will he be over or under 10 sacks?

@Ben_Glaser: Vernon has only hit double-digit sacks once, back in 2013. Even in 2016, when he was on the field for 1,040 snaps, playing across from JPP for 12 games (JPP missed 4 games), Vernon still only hit 8.5 sacks. Taking over the Chandler Jones role in DC James Bettcher’s defense means he’ll likely top 1,000 snaps again this season. In 3 years as Arizona’s DC, Bettcher coached 3 double-digit sack seasons from OLBs, Jones’ league-leading 17.0 sacks in 2017, Markus “Found Money” Golden’s 12.5 sacks in 2016 and Jones’ 11.0 sacks in 2016. If you think Vernon hits double-digit sacks, you are basing this solely on Bettcher. I think he’ll likely miss that mark.

@DFF_JohnIDP: Well, Ben… You have left me with an empty feeling on Vernon here. You make a solid case against, and I agree. I think he gets himself 8 sacks this season or a little lower as well.

@seahawksdan8: I’m going to take the counterpoint here for fun and say that he will get 10.5 sacks next season. Vernon will be taking the “Chandler Jones” role in Bettcher’s defense as a pass rushing OLB. Chandler Jones in his two years playing under James Bettcher had 11 sacks in 2016 and 17 in 2018. I’m good with 10.5 for the win!

@DFF_DWIN: Ohhhh this is a tough one for me, so I will take the under as I think he’s going to be right at that mark. I see him finishing with 9 to 9½ on season. He really needs his teammates to step up and help me so that he won’t be focused on.

Will a Jets IDP player manage more than 5 sacks this season? If you needed to add anyone from the Jets D line, who are you taking?

@Ben_Glaser: Leonard Williams had 7.0 sacks in his sophomore season. Last year was rough, but I expect, maybe hope for is better a bounceback. New York’s D-Line depth chart is Williams and Steve McLendon followed by


The Jets need to take advantage of this draft’s depth at interior D-Line and pick up a starting DE, along with an OLB, TE, a couple of O-Linemen, maybe a WR… I feel like I missed something there. Did I miss something there?

@DFF_JohnIDP: Ben is a tough one to follow. Love the humor. I can’t see a Jets IDP player being one you would want to start this year to count on sacks. In fact, I want to start those pesky offensive players against this front.  If I’m desperate, I’m looking at Mauldin who could get one every couple of weeks.

@seahawksdan8: The only Jet that I want any parts of is Avery Williamson. He is taking the place of Demario Davis, who ironically had 5 sacks last season. So, my money is on Williamson getting 5 sacks. As far as the defensive line, no thank you unless they draft Bradley Chubb at #3 which we all know probably won’t be the case or another Edge player in Round 3 when they pick again.

@DFF_DWIN: I think Williams has the most talent to get five sacks, but man that will be tough as I think offenses will focus on taking him out of the game. I would probably agree with Dan, that Williamson has the best shot at accomplishing this feat, but I think Five will be the max for him at best. I will say that Jamal Adams, could be a sneaky choice as well. He only had two last season, but the Jets like to move him around, and he likes to come down and play in the box a lot.

Which Browns LB would you take and start? They have a nice young core there.

@Ben_Glaser: Christian Kirksey is a former Hawkeye. Enough said.

@DFF_JohnIDP: I have been up and down on these LBs on the browns. They have a solid core, and I would like a share of one of them. For me, I have moved Kirksey up as my top Browns LB right now. I like him to lead the unit in tackles this year.

@DFF_DWIN: I will go Kirksey as well. He is clearly the best option for the group, and I don’t really see that changing. He makes a lot of plays and racks up a lot of tackles. Schobert is likely his closest competition, but only cause of his sack potential. Overall it’s Kirksey, end of story.

@seahawksdan8: I’d love to be the contrarian here and say Joe Schobert, but I’m going to have to see if again this year before I commit 100% like that. Kirksey is the unanimous answer here.

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