Incoming Rookies, IDP Edition

Our IDP team will make our case for our top players at each position. I always enjoy the pre-NFL Draft fun, and this is a great way to keep us all engaged as we await the draft.


@DFF_JohnIDP – Devin Bush Jr is my top pre-draft LB. I was back and forth on him and Devin White but will side with Bush. I like him to get more snaps early and with his ability to play any LB position, he would prove very valuable as an every-down player. The NFL has a few teams with need such as Tampa and Denver. I expect both clubs to target the very shallow position early in this draft. Devin Bush Jr would be an instant impact player replacing Brandon Marshall. Any defense will be instantly upgraded with his blitzing and tackling abilities. For those reasons,  he is my LB1!

@DFF_Cog – Devin White is my top pre-draft LB. To say he plays angry doesn’t truly capture his essence. His nose for the football and his ability to track the flow of the play is what will make him a cornerstone for any franchise. He is one of those players that just seems to do whatever he wants on the field. He looks the part. Hell, he looks like a 26-27-year-old man! He is a former high school RB who rushed for over 5,000 yards. He has the footwork and acceleration and 180-pound slot WR and the upper strength of a left tackle.


@DFF_JohnIDP – I will not bet against Nick Bosa. This kid will be an impact from day one in any scheme. You will see him moved around the line and let loose wreaking havoc against the offense. With a full arsenal of pass rush moves and that burst off the snap, he will WIN.

@DFF_Cog – Clellin Ferrell has been my dude for three years now. His slight drawback is that he is a definite tweener. He has likely reached his maximum weight at 264 pounds. Do not let that dissuade you from drafting him on his pure talent alone. He is long, versatile and he attacks the pocket with many different moves. I view him as more pro-ready Danielle Hunter. Coincidentally, Minnesota needs depth at the DE position. Can you imagine Ferrell has a third-down blitzkrieg/pass rusher specialist for a defensive master like Mike Zimmer? They could also use him in their double A-gap pressure assault.


@DFF_DWin – Ed Oliver is my top interior lineman pre-draft. I have been high on him since he came out of high school and he just keeps getting better. He has the versatility to play all along the defensive line and be effective. He tested off the charts at his pro-day and should be the top selection at his position. Teams are going to fall in love with him if they haven’t already when they dig into his game film. I rarely do player comps, but I have said he reminds me a lot of former Viking, John Randle.

@DFF_JohnIDP – In my Defensive Tackle premium leagues, I am targeting Quinnen Williams. I will take him as a long term starter for my teams. My mouth hits the floor watching him win against double teams. Imagine what he will do when left one-on-one on passing downs with a good defensive front! Equally impressive is his burst off the ball. It’s elite explosion! My gut tells me he will get some tackles which will be a major boost in friendly DT scoring leagues. If he penetrates the way I expect, he will be a top scoring player in your league at DT.

@DFF_Cog – Ed Oliver is a God! Maybe it’s because I flaked on Aaron Donald but I can’t see any reason why this guy isn’t going to be a stud. I do have a small concern Ed Oliver might get the DE designation for a few years. Yet, that is seriously his only flaw. He is dominant with his hands to footwork ethic. Can you imagine how good he could be on a halfway-decent NFL team? Just remember people said Donald was undersized too. Yet, a shorter frame can produce a lot more leverage and torque versus the 320-pound interior offensive line. I can’t wait to destroy (along with my buddy DWin) Ed Oliver’s ADP expectation.


@DFF_JohnIDP – Let’s be honest, this is a position that can be overhyped. I tend to target corners late in my drafts if I am inclined to take one. Deandre Baker would be my top pick due to his willingness to tackle and his chops to play in man or zone coverage. With good coverage skills, he should be on the field and that gives me a chance at points. I will lean on a versatile player as my top corner.  

@DFF_Cog – Rock Ya-Sin is not only the coolest name in the draft but can also play at an elite level. He will never be a dominant shutdown corner. That means he will have a sustained IDP appeal. He is physical and fluid, that will keep him on the field. Ya-Sin is a little raw but there is definitely a lot in which to work. He made the jump to the FBS, then to a day one or day two prospect in less than a year.


@DFF_JohnIDP – Nasir Adderley is a perfect example of an NFL safety in this class. Just as the case for my corner, he can do it all and play the game well. Adderley, being a former corner, gives me confidence he can cover man to man and be counted on to take his man away for a few seconds. It was a challenge finding clips where he was making plays on the ball because teams didn’t really throw at him, but he could be a playmaker if challenged. His sideline to sideline speed will bring some tackles and I LOVE tackle points.

@DFF_Cog – Amani Hooker has it all! He calls play both safety positions and Weak Side with precision. If he has a slight flaw, it may be at deep safety in sub-package/three safety wide sets. However, that is what will keep him going IDP crazy all over in-the-box. You don’t need deep speed when you are recording tackles for a loss. He has range, enough speed, and the tenacity to last a long time in this league. Do yourself a favor and grab a Hooker share this rookie draft season.

Let our IDP team know who you have at the top of your draft boards right now. It is always fun to read others’ thoughts. As we all look towards the NFL draft and finalize our boards, we’re all soaking up as much info as we can. This is where we get the sparks to fuel our passion during the offseason.  


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