Week Two IDP sleepers

I will provide you weekly with a few options for players who will contribute to your fantasy team’s who are under fifty percent starters on MFL. Good luck to you and always be building!


KENNARD, DEVON DET LB. Starting 43%: He delivered a respectable game against the Jets and will continue to bring it weekly. This guy will stay on the field, and that will bring us points. San Francisco with their running and short passes will keep Kennard busy which leaves plenty of potential fantasy points available this week.

FORD, DEE KCC LB. Starting 43%: This is another player I’ve talked up all offseason.  He is healthy and showed last week he is a force and can deliver. Going against Pittsburgh this week I expect his sack streak to continue and some tackles to give your lineups a nice boost this week. In leagues that give you bonus points for tackles for a loss and sack yardage, he will make you proud.

RAGLAND, REGGIE KCC LB. Starting 33%: If your playing in a league that starts more than 3 LBs you should have him on your radar this week. He had five assists and two solo tackles a week ago and will have plenty of chances against Pittsburgh this week to add to those stats. He is around the ball, and that’s giving him some breakout opportunities.

REDDICK, HAASON ARI LB. Starting 28%: He had a slow week last game, but I am a big believer in this kid. If you’re in need of some help, he gives you upside. This week the Rams offensive line will be a challenge but Arizona will need to battle up front if they want to try and win this week and that means Reddick will need to be let loose. This is one game I want to see him get after the QB and make some plays in the backfield.


WHITE, TRE’DAVIOUS BUF CB. Starting 42%:. He slides under fifty percent but do not give up on him this week. Buffalo got pushed around last week, and they will look to step up this week. The Chargers will take some shots down the field and will not be a heavy run game plan which will bring more action to the Buffalo secondary this week.

FULLER, KENDALL KCC CB. Starting 39%:  I have picked him up everywhere he was available this offseason. He should be starting in your leagues. He delivered six total tackles last week and will produce once again. I’m big on the Chiefs defense this week!

WAYNES, TRAE MIN CB. Starting 21%: Most were scared off with the injury news, but he is going to start and play against the pass-happy Packers this week. You can lock him into your lineup and except at least a few tackles. The pass deflections will pad his points this week.


CHUNG, PATRICK NEP S. Starting 41%: It’s a tough week at this position. With New England battling the Jaguars this matchup will get you some tackle points to help you. Hopefully your not hurting for help here this week.

Defensive End

WISE, DEATRICH NEP DE. Starting 31%: Talk about a good opening week for this guy!  Three tackles and one and a half sacks! It’s going to be a big game against the Jaguars and getting pressure and attacking the Jags offense will be a priority, and this kid will be a part of that game plan.

ARMSTEAD, ARIK SFO DE. Starting 20%: Buckle that helmet and get ready for those Detroit Lions! Pencil him into your lineup and enjoy the show. With five total tackles and one for a loss last week I’m willing to bet he can impress against that Lions line this week.

I hope you were able to find some helpful sleepers this week. Us fantasy owners are always looking to stash players and sneak in an extra lineup adjustment as we try for higher scores. Good luck to you and get those victories. You can find me on twitter @DFF_JohnIDP.


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