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2022 DFF Draft Coverage: Julius Chestnut

Julius came to Sacred Heart as a surprisingly under-recruited freshman despite being an All-Metro First Teamer in Baltimore. He immediately found a home in the backfield and started producing like a seasoned veteran helping lead the Pioneers to Northeast Conference titles in 2018, 2020, and 2021. While there he was a perennial All-American every year since 2019, finishing third in the Walter Payton Award, and was the Rookie of the Year for the NEC in 2018. This guy was a diamond in the rough for the Pioneers and has helped vault them into FCS-postseason playoff contention every year.

Look Who’s Back!

The drama that is the Aaron Rodgers Saga has now ended and Packer Nation can now breathe a lot easier this off-season. It is done. While the contract isn’t officially signed, sealed, and delivered, when there is this much smoke, it’s a safe bet that the ink will be drying shortly on this deal. So let’s take a look at the redraft implications of this on everyone involved in this offense.

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Tom Brady Retires: Rapid Reaction

According to Adam Schefter, Tom Brady has retired after 22 seasons. While many have come to hate the player for ruining the hopes and dreams of teams (outside of the Giants), we have to tip our caps to this man who lived a dream. So, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., thank you and enjoy your much-deserved retirement.

Long Reign The King

At Dynasty Football Factory, we are always trying to become the best version of ourselves in all facets of the fantasy game. That is why we like to expand our horizons every chance we can and do things outside of our comfort zone. In comes our redraft league, where myself and 13 other staff members participated in. So today I invite you to grab something to drink, get comfortable and I’ll tell you the tale of how I brought out my boomstick and decimated the league, going 13-1 and walking away with the title and an overall record of 15-1. I’ll recap my draft and my thought process behind it along with the moves that made me look like Rainman at the blackjack tables in Vegas and not some idiot having to eat a “one chip challenge” because Houston won more than two games. 

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Jimmy Garoppolo Injury Update + Rapid Reaction

For all of the Trey Lance truthers out there, you are finally getting your Captain Raymond Holt of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame, vindication moment with the news of Jimmy Garoppolo being sidelined with a UCL strain. Currently, team sources aren’t sure the extent of the injury but Dr. Nirav Pandya, MD, Director of Sports Medicine at UCSF is expecting it to be like that of the Drew Brees injury of 2019

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Dynasty Risers and Fallers Week 7

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Injury Update

Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde “The Glyde onto the IR” Edwards-Helaire, was injured in the third quarter of the blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. First off, props to our Director of Operations @DynastyDiagnos1 for coming up with that wordplay. Second, the injury was better than initially expected. Instead of it being a dreaded complete tear of one of the knee ligaments, it is being labeled an MCL sprain. The typical recovery time of this depends on what grade of sprain it is, but thankfully the Chiefs are leading us to believe that it is just a Grade 1 MCL Sprain which has a recovery time of 1-to-3 weeks. With that news, he was placed on the IR for at least the next three weeks, which means he will miss games against Washington, the Titans, and the Giants at the very least.

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Kyle Pitts Managers: R-E-L-A-X

For all of you freaking out about Kyle Pitts’s performance so far this season, let’s take a page out of Aaron Rodgers’s playbook and relax. Kyle Pitts is a physical beast. Let’s start this conversation off with that fact. There’s never been a prospect like him coming out of the college ranks and I was lucky enough to write about him when his name was called in April. His production was out of this world as a Florida Gator and while he has yet to see that type of output in the NFL, this week versus the Jets is when we’ll see why Atlanta used the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft on him. “But Heady, you say, he is only the 18th best tight end in fantasy right now!” Keyphrase my mafiosos, “right now”, after this week, he should be well on his way to a top-10 finish on the year. He is a sure-fire start for me in all formats, someone you do not want to sleep on and I am here to tell you why.

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Fireside Chat With Heady

Welcome mafiosos to a little Q and A session with the only @Heady_Football. I took some time to gather some questions you on Twitter, our DFF Army, have asked over the off-season along with some questions I have been asked off-line, by my friends and family. Yes, don’t be shocked, I do have a life outside of fantasy football. Granted, it’s not much but it is one nevertheless. So, without further adieu, here are some of the best questions I received.

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Rapid Reaction: Sony Michel to the L.A. Rams

Sony coming to Los Angeles helps give him a path towards more work than he would have found in New England. He wasn’t even in my top 40 for running backs before this but now he becomes a late-round pick you must make. Why? Darrell Henderson suffered a hand injury in his last pre-season game and while most reports say he will be good to go, Sean McVay will be more likely to give him a breather during the season. The Rams are all in on this season. Even with the arrival of Xavier Jones onto the scene in LA, Sony is a proven commodity and to me, he becomes the RB2 in that room and should take some series from him.

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The Ultimate Redraft Strategy

I am here today my mafiosos to give you the best draft strategy for Redraft out there. It involves drafting a running back in every round for the first three. Why do you ask? Raise your hand if you have lost a fantasy championship or just a game in the past by eight points or less. I am going to venture a guess unless you are like my idiot neighbor who keeps taking only Kansas State Alumni or Chicago Bears in our home league that loses by double digits on the regular, that is everyone.

Life’s Too Short NOT To Play Fantasy Football

For the Heady Mafia and loyal members of the #DFFArmy out there, you can take a break from reading this paraphernalia as it’s not about you. Although, please get ready to forward this to some people in your life. This barely conscious smattering of words on paper…fine, “digital” paper, is for Tom from Accounting, Susan from Human Relations, or my wife 10 years ago. This is for the people who for some strange reason, despite the ease of it, have yet to dip their itsy-bitsy toes into the foray of fantasy football. I am here today, to tell, no, dare say, educate you (ok fine, “brainwash”) why those excuses you keep giving your significant other, family member, or coworker will no longer work in this day and age. So, let’s get down to business and make our way through the bullshit that is your excuse. Bonus, I am even going to give you a type of fantasy football league that would suit you best for this year.

DFF Draft Coverage: Tre’ McKitty to the Chargers

The former Florida State tight end found a home in Georgia after transferring this past season due to the turmoil that is the Florida State program right now. His knee injury in the pre-season limited his production this season to just six catches for 108 yards and a score. He was known for pass-catching in his high school days but has transitioned to being more dominant in the run blocking game. He still shows flashes of his catching ability by being able to take big hits and holding onto the ball. Look for him to be a target in the red zone due to his strong hands and large catch radius. He will be a boom or bust type fantasy player until he can solidify his role in the league.

DFF Draft Coverage: Kyle Pitts to the Falcons

At his Pro Day, Kyle Pitts measured just under 6’6” and 246 lbs, giving him a BMI of 28.58. His best 40-yard dash time was 4.44-seconds which equates to a 126-Speed Score, and at 6’5” that is a 129-Height Adjusted Speed Score, both figures are in the top 99th percentile across all offensive skill positions. If that doesn’t impress you, just turn on the tape from this past year where he made defenses look clueless and Kyle Trask a potential NFL starting quarterback.

Good Luck, NFC East Defenses!

As the great movie “Talladega Nights” informed us all, America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, bad-ass speed. Washington has taken that to heart and signed arguably the most competent and fastest wideout on the free agency market. Curtis Samuel. His signing now makes the college dream of his and Terry McLaurin into reality and nightmares for NFC East defensive coordinators. This one, two, punch is now in my mind, one of the best in the NFC, if not the NFL.

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Is It Fitzmagic Time In DC?

Before everyone goes out and gets Fitzmagic Washington jerseys, everyone needs to take a step back and take a deep breath. Washington is bringing back their entire quarterback room minus Dwayne Haskins, to whom I say good riddance, and is a story for another day. The contract is also another possible indicator of what Washington is planning to do with the quarterback position. Signing him for only a year and $10 million means they aren’t entirely assured of him being the starter the whole year let alone in the future. While I forecast Ryan as the opening day starter, the odds of him finishing up the year as the starting quarterback are slim.

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Where Will Aaron Jones Land?

Heady Mafia, the franchise tag option deadline for NFL teams has come and past and you know what that means. Chaos and bedlam all over the place! Now, most people will just give you a list of teams that this player might sign with and others give teams that can offer the most money but let’s be honest. Only one thing matters to us. Fantasy production. In particular, fantasy production for the hottest running back on the market and the one I own in most of my dynasty leagues, Aaron Jones (AJ33).

Justyn Ross: A Wide Receiver Possessed

Justyn Ross is possibly the best wide receiver to play for Clemson University, if not one of the best we have seen in the college game of recent memory. Better than DeVonta Smith. Yes, I said that and stand by it. He has the size (6’4”/205 lbs.) and despite his pedestrian 4.87 40 time, as soon as he straps on a helmet and pads, he takes it to a whole other level. The current NFL player I would most likely compare him to is another Clemson WR product, DeAndre Hopkins. His size, catch radius and just football instincts are second to none.

Inbound Freshmen Quarterback: Top Five

Welcome to the Thunderdome my #DFFArmy, the name’s Heady and college football signing day is FINALLY complete. Now that all of those four and five-star players have delivered their letter of intent to the college of their choice, it is time to dive into where the gunslingers of this class rank with regards to Devy leagues. Because most leagues only have three to five open roster spots, soon to be freshman quarterbacks will need to have that “it” factor to make them worthy. Lucky for you, I went out and spent the time watching their film to rank the five quarterbacks you should consider in this new 2024 class.

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