Kyle Pitts Managers: R-E-L-A-X

For all of you freaking out about Kyle Pitts’s performance so far this season, let’s take a page out of Aaron Rodgers’s playbook and relax. Kyle Pitts is a physical beast. Let’s start this conversation off with that fact. There’s never been a prospect like him coming out of the college ranks and I was lucky enough to write about him when his name was called in April. His production was out of this world as a Florida Gator and while he has yet to see that type of output in the NFL, this week versus the Jets is when we’ll see why Atlanta used the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft on him. “But Heady, you say, he is only the 18th best tight end in fantasy right now!” Keyphrase my mafiosos, “right now”, after this week, he should be well on his way to a top-10 finish on the year. He is a sure-fire start for me in all formats, someone you do not want to sleep on and I am here to tell you why.
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