Clyde Edwards-Helaire Injury Update

Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde “The Glyde onto the IR” Edwards-Helaire, was injured in the third quarter of the blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. First off, props to our Director of Operations @DynastyDiagnos1 for coming up with that wordplay. Second, the injury was better than initially expected. Instead of it being a dreaded complete tear of one of the knee ligaments, it is being labeled an MCL sprain. The typical recovery time of this depends on what grade of sprain it is, but thankfully the Chiefs are leading us to believe that it is just a Grade 1 MCL Sprain which has a recovery time of 1-to-3 weeks. With that news, he was placed on the IR for at least the next three weeks, which means he will miss games against Washington, the Titans, and the Giants at the very least.
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