DFF Draft Coverage: Tre’ McKitty to the Chargers

TRE’ MCKITTY| Tight End 6’4” | 246 lbs Age 22

Tre’ McKitty was drafted 97th overall by the Los Angeles Chargers, becoming the fifth tight end and 97th overall player in the 2021 NFL Draft. 


Rapid Reaction to Draft Capital: Average

Rapid Reaction to Landing Spot: Above Average

The former Florida State tight end found a home in Georgia after transferring this past season due to the turmoil that is the Florida State program right now. His knee injury in the pre-season limited his production this season to just six catches for 108 yards and a score. He was known for pass-catching in his high school days but has transitioned to being more dominant in the run blocking game. He still shows flashes of his catching ability by being able to take big hits and holding onto the ball. Look for him to be a target in the red zone due to his strong hands and large catch radius. He will be a boom or bust type fantasy player until he can solidify his role in the league.

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