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More Leagues: More Fun, More Variety, More Experience!

As many who have played can allude to, fantasy football can be a very addictive hobby or passion. Whether it’s redraft or dynasty, once a draft or auction has concluded there is often an immediate desire for more. Many programs and websites offer mock drafts, both against real-life people online and against computerized software. Unfortunately, often people do not take mock drafts seriously. Similarly, a computer can only adjust its algorithms so many times. Simply put, mock drafting is just not the same.

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Devy Breakout Player of the Week: Week 2

Two-years ago The Citadel took second-ranked, Tua Tagovailoa led Alabama to a 10-10 tie at halftime before ultimately falling to the powerhouse Tide. Their matchup against Clemson did not go quite as well. By the start of the second quarter, Clemson was up by 35 and backup quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei was already in the game. Trevor Lawrence is playing like a first overall pick should in this young season completing 81% of his passes for an average of over 14 yards per attempt and four TDs to zero interceptions. Star senior running back Travis Etienne is showing his versatility, and sophomore receiver Frank Ladson Jr. is showing signs of a breakout season.

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Paul’s DFF Redraft Championship Draft

On August 31st, I had the pleasure of drafting against eleven brilliant fantasy minds for the DFF Redraft Championship, a PPR league with 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE, 2Flex, and 1D/ST as starters and 7 bench slots. We spent the night sniping one another and trash-talking on Zoom, which was a ton of fun. When all was said and done, I was thrilled with my team, so let’s take a closer look at how the draft played out.

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Handcuff Heaven 2020

When I began writing fantasy content at Dynasty Football Factory, one of the first pieces I ever sent in was called “Handcuff Heaven”, detailing only the relevant considerations for the term that year and why you should or shouldn’t own them. With that said, I’m excited to reboot one of my first ever articles for DFF. Please enjoy Handcuff Heaven 2020!

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Karp’s 2020 DFF Redraft Championship Draft

Recently, the DFF crew gathered for our annual redraft championship league. We took part in a 17-round PPR draft, with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex, 1 TE, 1 D/ST as starters, and a 7-player bench. I don’t think I’ve ever drafted in as tough of a room, as there were almost no bad picks, and I felt like I was getting sniped throughout the draft. Many of us jumped onto a Zoom call, so we got to trash talk each other live, which was extremely fun. Let’s get into how my team shaped up from the 11 slot.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Auction Leagues

There might be few things more satisfying in fantasy football than mastering a new league concept and taking home the “Chip”. Auction leagues are a growing part of the fantasy football community be it “Salary Cap” leagues or something as in-depth as a”Kitchen Sink” league. The attraction is that if you want to sell your soul for a shot at both Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley you can… but you’re going to pay in other ways down the track.

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The 2020 Superflex Dynasty Startup Strategy Guide

Recently, I wrote an updated, free 1QB startup strategy guide. In that guide, I went through both general and specific positional strategies to help you through dynasty startups in 2020. Everything I said in that article will still apply to this superflex guide, so take a look at that story first before moving forward with this one. First, let’s break down what exactly a dynasty superflex league is. Unlike a normal 1QB league, you can start an extra quarterback in a superflex slot. As quarterbacks score more fantasy points than any other position, it is almost always beneficial to start a second quarterback if possible. There are only 32 starting quarterbacks at most in any given week, so there is an inventory scarcity at the quarterback position. Therefore, quarterbacks carry extreme value in superflex leagues compared to 1QB leagues.

The 2020 1QB Dynasty Startup Strategy Guide

Back in 2019, the then-DFF team wrote a dynasty startup strategy guide. That guide holds up well even now, and I would highly recommend going back and reading it. However, I feel like the guide needs a 2020 update. So much has changed in the dynasty universe since March 2019, and I want to address that before the 2020 season. Now that the 2020 season looks like a lock to happen, many of you readers might participate in dynasty startups before the season begins. Therefore, I want to give you my version of this guide. I’m going to split it up into two parts, one for regular 1QB leagues and one for superflex leagues. At this point, superflex formats are so popular within the dynasty community that they certainly deserve their own guide. With all that said, let’s get into the 1QB guide.

Redraft 2020: The Ice Cream & Pancakes Strategy

As redraft season (hopefully) approaches, the time has come to consider which strategy you will use to dominate your league-mates. These days, every fantasy player worth their salt is aware of late-round QB and late-round TE strategies, and Zero RB has become less and less viable over the years. However, there is a way to outsmart the room, even in 2020. The strategy that I’m proposing involves leveraging the positional scarcity of elite RBs and taking advantage of WR values in the middle and late rounds of your draft. I call this two-step strategy Ice Cream & Pancakes. 

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Startup Draft Strategy: Part 1

With no sports going on, right now is the perfect time to join a new dynasty league. This article offers advice on different strategies you can use to approach your draft providing you an edge over your competition. These tips are geared toward a traditional fantasy dynasty format with no special rules such as Superflex or TE Premium.

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Using Value Based Drafting To Game Your League Format

Hello all, My name is Michael. I am a fantasy football addict. My drug of choice is Dynasty Football with lots of interesting wrinkles. This has challenged me in recent years, as questions like “I know I love player A in a PPR league, but do I like player A as much in a PPR/PPC/TE …

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