Kimani Vidal: Hidden Dynasty Gem?

Kimani Vidal | RB | Troy | 2024 Draft Prospect

Coming out of Troy University, Kimani Vidal has not gotten the attention many Power 5 backs in this draft class have received. He’s quietly put up some impressive numbers over the past four seasons, and after diving into his prospect profile, I think this is a player that could see a massive spike in dynasty value once he hits the NFL. He’ll likely go undrafted in your dynasty rookie drafts this offseason and off the board with Sportsbook Reviews Canada, so this may be someone you could acquire for free and be rewarded handsomely down the road. Allow me to make my case.

College Production (2020-23)

First, let’s look at the raw production from Vidal during his time at Troy. Although he played four seasons, Vidal was a redshirt junior this season, as he was granted a redshirt year during COVID. Over those four seasons, Vidal posted 4,710 scrimmage yards and 34 touchdowns. His final two seasons were his most productive, averaging 111.9 YPG and nearly a touchdown per game. Vidal was the face of this Trojans offense, helping lead them to a 23-5 record since 2022. In 2023, Vidal set the all-time, single-season, and single-game records for rush yards at Troy. He rushed for over 230 yards three separate times this past season. 


Listed at 5’7” and 215 lbs on NFL Draft Buzz, Vidal is likely shorter than most NFL scouts prefer, but this guy is built like a wrecking ball. At a BMI of 33, Vidal can use his build to power through would-be tacklers and break into the second level with ease. He forced an absurd 94 missed tackles in 2023, which was 2nd in the FBS. He has a low center of gravity, keeps his pads square through contact, and has also flashed some impressive agility around the line of scrimmage. 

Vidal is an excellent pass protector and was used heavily in this role at Troy. His PFF pass blocking grade was 79.3, good for 8th amongst all FBS running backs. Kimani was also a solid receiver in college, compiling 92 receptions and 700 yards over 48 games. He was mainly utilized as a pass catcher on check-downs and swing plays. 

Vidal is one of the best pure runners in this draft class, boasting an aggressive downhill rushing style. His 93.2 PFF run grade was 5th in the country as well. 


While Vidal does have some impressive burst around the line of scrimmage, he doesn’t have breakaway speed due to his height and frame. He didn’t have much of a route tree in college, and I don’t foresee him being very effective in the slot. His small wingspan and hands limit his catch radius. He has soft hands out of the backfield, but I question his ability to see the field on 3rd downs in the NFL. 

The biggest red flag here is the competition Vidal has faced these past four years. The Sun Belt conference can’t hold a candle to the competition in the Power 5. We don’t know how Kimani’s production would have translated against better defenses, which is a legitimate concern. 

kimani vidal

Draft Projection

Vidal is projected to be a 6th-round pick, according to NFL Mock Draft Database. Day 3 draft capital, compounded with the lack of college competition, doesn’t project well for future NFL success. But at the same time, we’re not talking about a guy you’ll be taking in the second or even third round of your rookie drafts. Vidal is someone that most of your league mates are probably unfamiliar with and may go undrafted altogether, meaning you could get him for free after the draft. 


There’s no denying Vidal has some major red flags as an NFL prospect, but I really do think he has one of the more well-rounded games in this draft class. His ability as a rusher and pass blocker will allow him to see some reps and prove his worth on Sundays. The limitations we mentioned earlier cap Vidal’s ceiling as a fantasy player, but this is a guy I’m willing to take a shot on, especially if the cost is virtually zero. If you don’t want to take a shot on Vidal in the 4th round, snag him after your rookie draft if he’s available and stash him on your bench or taxi squad. This kid has the skills that I want to bet on. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I hope you got some valuable information you can use for your fantasy team! If you’d like additional insight into Dynasty Football news and analysis, please follow me on Twitter at @jim_DFF. Until next time, keep grinding out there, DFF family! #DFFArmy #AlwaysBeBuilding