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Chicagoan living in Las Vegas. Fantasy Football writer & Director of In-Season Analysis for Dynasty Football Factory, blogger for USFantasy and contributor to TheFakeHockey. Member FSWA.

Week 16 Start & Sit

We made it! Here we are, the end of the road with the finish line in sight. Week 16 is finally upon us with most fantasy leagues coming to a close except for the true degenerates out there who play in leagues that use week 17. You know who you are and you

Waiver Wire: Week 16

Well, for most of us, the end of the fantasy football season has already come, but for those of you still playing, congrats on a successful season (unless you’re a weirdo who plays in leagues that use week 17, in which case staaaaahp it already). Th

Week 15 Start & Sit

  Most leagues only have one more week to go, it’s crazy how this season has just blown by. Before you know it, we’ll be drafting and getting ready for next year in no time. Anyway, back to the present… If you’re reading this, then hopefully

Week 14 Start & Sit

Alright fantasy football fanatics, here we are, the fantasy playoffs. Yes, there are a few leagues that started last week and some that start next week, but for the most part, weeks 14-16 are the standard fantasy playoffs. As usual our weekly start/sit te

Week 13 Start & Sit

For most leagues, this is the final week of their fantasy football regular season. A few may be starting the playoffs already and others start in Week 14, but either way, this is officially the beginning of the end of the 2016 fantasy football season. It

Week 12 Start & Sit

Well, well, well, here we are, with only 2 weeks remaining in most fantasy league’s regular season. It seems like most people I’ve talked to are still in it this late in the season which is nice. Seems like there is a lot of parity in the fantasy foot

Week 11 Start & Sit

Well, Week 11 is already upon us and the fantasy playoff picture is coming into focus in most leagues. Hopefully you’ve already locked a spot up or are still in the mix. If not, this is prime-time to become a spoiler, especially in your home leagues. Ma

Week 10 Start & Sit

A little bit of a busy week for several of us so I’ll keep my usual rambling to a minimum this week and try to keep this as concise as possible. The crazy bye weeks are behind us, although we still have 4 teams on the bye this week and next. As alwa

Week 9 Start & Sit

NFL Week 9 – Start & Sits Week 8 and it’s 6 byes are behind us, only to be looking at week 9 in the mouth and 6 more byes, the NFL scheduling department is doing us no favors. After this week though, things get a little easier moving forward.

Week 8 Start & Sit

Hey, fantasy fans! Another week down and another week closer to the looming fantasy playoffs. We’re officially past the half-way point for most leagues’ regular season and with lots of teams on the bye over the next few weeks it’s a great time to ta