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Dynasty Football Factory Owner. Flip flop wearing, sailor swearing, land locked pirate in search of that one particular harbor while being a Dynasty Football addict. My motto is "Always Be Building".

The Stretch Run

As we approach the vaunted mid-season stretch for Fantasy Football purposes many owners are no doubt finding themselves in a bit of a quandary. Do I drop anchor and continue to fight the good fight or do I abandon jump ship and begin looking towards next

RB Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins

The 2015 NFL Draft was filled with its fair share of high-profile running backs ready to make their mark at the professional level. The biggest fish, in the running back pond, was without a doubt Todd Gurley, who was followed by Melvin Gordon. Although, 2

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WR Seth Roberts, Oakland Raiders

An UDFA out of the 2014 NFL rookie class, WR Seth Roberts has steadily earned himself not only regular season snaps, but has turned some heads along the way. For Dynasty Football owners, the real question is…who is Seth Roberts, or more importantly, sho

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Handcuff Havoc

One the the biggest dilemmas fantasy owners face is whether or not to draft a handcuff or even worse, what round to scoop them up before they get stolen by another owner. Although, it is difficult to determine exactly when, to select the primary handcuff

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Mining for Diamonds

The greatest weapon Dynasty footballers have is their ability to always be building. Dynasty football owners are not thwarted by the restrictions of small rosters sizes commonly used Re-Draft formats. Once you draft your team its yours. Additionally, havi

The Trade Master

The question we all face during our Dynasty and Re-Draft fantasy football seasons are how do we properly execute an equitable trade without destroying what we have already built. The act of trading has certainly become an integral part in finding or susta

Effects of Age

There comes a time, over the course of every Dynasty league, when owner’s must face the decision to move on from the loyalty they have kept for their historically productive veterans. The best thing we, as devoted Dynasty owners, can do in an effort to

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The Action Calendar

For those who have chosen to embark on the invigorating journey of Dynasty League participation & franchise ownership the road can be a treacherous one. However, unlike seasonal or keeper leagues, patience & vigilance are part of a mantra that wi

The SPARQ Elite

In the realm of Dynasty football there are numerous places one could look, in an effort to find that end-of-the-bench stash, which could turn into a worthwhile Dynasty Buy. One such place, to kept close tabs on, are the SPARQ score ratings of each ski