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Dynasty Football owners are without a doubt some of the most competitive and information hungry people (at least in terms of running their Dynasty teams) you will likely ever meet. Having said that, and considering that in Dynasty Football there truly is no off-season, there has never been a better time to release your inner Dynasty beast than now to try and seek out and grab some outlier potential production talent for the 2017 season.

The savvy Dynasty owner is constantly immersed in a mental state of figuring out how to maintain a competitive team year in and year out. As a result, many of these Dynasty owners are in search of the next youthful talent which will ascend from places unknown to become a viable and vital addition to their team. However, lest we forget that balance in production is also a key ingredient to achieving both short and long-term Dynasty success.

In this article, we will review a couple of the different angles of attack the consummate Dynasty owner may employ when looking to reshuffle their rosters in hopes of launching an assault on their Dynasty season and more importantly, their league-wide competition.

The Ageist:

In many circles, there are Dynasty owners who prefer to place more than a modicum of value on the incoming rookie class. Rather, they treat and assign values on these incoming, unproven talents as though they are rock steady production commodities. Is this a mistake? Not necessarily. In fact, in Dynasty, we look forward to the upcoming rookie or dispersal drafts so, we must place a premium on those coveted 1st and 2nd round draft picks. As a result, these owners value youth and their “potential” impact above all else and retreat in a frenzy from “aging” veterans like they were the plague. Okay, perhaps that was a bit dramatic, but the takeaway being that these owners are more apt at loosening their ties to the production veteran a bit easier since their Jedi focus is on the shiny new toy. It goes without saying that these are your fellow league mates who are prime targets for acquiring their “goods” at less than market value. So, as you are scouring the waiver wire and the internet for your Dynasty/Fantasy Football news, don’t forget to “scout” your competitions rosters, know their tendencies and strike with immediacy. The vigilant Dynasty owner is usually the victor and by extension…to the victor goes the spoils.

The Veteran Visionary:

Yes, the title is an oxymoron. But for good reason. The “visionary” part is labeled for those Dynasty owners who are only concerned with raking the pot at the end of the upcoming season. Although it is never a bad idea to “reach for the gold” each season make no mistake, this is a double-edged sword approach to managing your Dynasty team.

If you rest on the side of a “win now” mentality year in and year out you are doing what I like to call “working harder, not smarter.” Effective Dynasty team management is best approached like a marathon, not a sprint. Sure, it’s nice to have a team built for now, but wouldn’t it be even nicer to have a team that is competing for a payout year in and year out? Remember, come playoff time all bets are off and if you lose then Boom goes your short-term potential for not only a payout but Dynasty success. Thus, leaving you mentally defeated and possibly a casualty to your league. Therefore, instead of loading up on a veteran heavy team with fleeting Dynasty Values and having a hard time selling any of those players for anything worthwhile (working harder, not smarter), wouldn’t it be more prudent to find a balance in production talent from both a short and long-term standpoint? Then again, I would never fault a Dynasty owner for going for the gusto.

This silly hobby of ours is a gamble any way you look at it. So, if being a riverboat gambler is the way you like to run your team then so be it. However, from a strategic standpoint the consistent payoff rests in base hits, not the homerun (ewww, I just used a baseball analogy…my bad). However, from a competitor’s angle there is a lot to be desired from a veteran visionary owner. These are typically owners who couldn’t care less about the rookie draft and are always looking to cash-in those 1st and 2nd round picks for production talent. Again, knowing the tendencies of your fellow league mates is essential.

Mr./Mrs./Miss Dynasty Values:

Oh boy…here we go. The almighty Dynasty Values owner. These are the worst. They are the ones who apply sense & sensibility to all their trades, waiver claims, etc. They are self-admitted students of the Dynasty Football experience and won’t be haggled with low-ball offers. In fact, being “offended” is their soup du jour should less than equitable offers be sent their way. They use ADP, participate in Mock Drafts, use various sites to compile their personal ranking lists, are active on the multitudes of social media platforms trying to gain an edge on their competition, they listen to Dynasty and Fantasy Football podcasts, etc. They are seriously twisted individuals. If any of what was just stated describes YOU then congratulations. You’re doing it right.

However, the Dynasty Values owner is not typically a “liked” individual among their league mates. In fact, persecution comes to mind. Okay, well not really persecution, but at least a bit of ilk is tossed their way for being so disgustingly level headed. Fear not my fellow Dynasty Values owners as this methodology you have employed has and will continue to pay-off…and I mean that literally. I imagine most owners who activate their Dynasty Values sense are the ones who are competitive year in and year out and likely receive a payout in some for as well. So, stay the course. Do not divert from your navigational heading. This is the path you have chosen and if you remain in the hunt each year that golden goose will eventually be yours.


Applying a steady hand by trying to retain your identified “personal veteran favorites,” while incrementally infusing your rosters with young production potential, is the key to both short AND long term Dynasty success. It’s a balancing act akin to what you may see at a Barnum & Bailey Circus act. One false move and Wham-O! You’ve lost your grip and all that preparation and effective team management has been for naught.

Remember, patience is key, especially during a time when Dynasty Values are in flux. Today, we have seen players like Brandin Cooks, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Latavius Murray and Terrelle Pryor (to name a few) all find new homes. Savvy Dynasty owners will certainly be testing the waters to try and pry these players from your respective rosters and that’s okay. Let them try. Just remember to ensure you are getting the proper ROI which aligns with their proper Dynasty Values. There is no need to always be the pirate and try and take more than you need. A fair and equitable trade is always waiting to be found if you simply take your time and activate patience.

The motto I have adopted for myself, and it’s likely one you have heard me use before, is “Always Be Building.” However, that does not simply mean you must always be “doing something”. Sometimes the best course of action is no action. The late, great Bruce Lee said it best… “Be water my friend.” Let the currents of the emotional moment pass you by while remaining steady, yet stay ready to strike when the odds are in your favor.

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