Buys & Sells: Mid-Season Edition

This special edition of Buys & Sells will center around moving premium player assets, in an effort to help stabilize your production potential, while also offering production insulation for the stretch run.

Note: League structure will be a large factor in who to move and who to target. However, if you are in the middle of what might come down to a tight playoff race, it is always good to err on the side of caution and expand your production depth before the trade deadline closes and your league post season begins. The following lists are in no particular order of relevance or rank. We will begin with the recommended “Sells” and conclude with the stretch run recommended “Buys”.


QB Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

There is no denying that Prescott has been a spark for the Cowboys offense and is definably a Dynasty target in most cases. Although, it’s because of his solid play and supporting cast which makes him an ideal and appealing mid-season “Sell”.

Certainly a case could be made for Prescott to hold onto his starting job even with Romo returning. Especially if a win against Green Bay happens this week. Regardless, one must assume that Romo will be returning to the captain’s chair eventually so if you are in a redraft league then now is the time to sell while you can reap any discernible value.

If you’re in a Super-Flex/Dynasty format perhaps he is someone you can move to a team on the short-end of the stick and offer them a Dynasty asset, while providing your competing team a chance to acquire much needed production depth.


RB DeMarco Murray, Tennessee Titans

From a redraft perspective Murray has been Uber elite this season and there doesn’t appear to be anything that will slow him down. Regardless, if he is your only workhorse RB and you have little to nothing backing him up or anyone rostered as a contributing RB2 then the time is now to move him at his highest value. The idea would be to snag a 2 for 1 for his services from a team gimping through the 1st half of the season.

In Dynasty, Murray is a surefire “Sell” in this writer’s opinion. We all know the usage and damage Murray has taken throughout his career and right now his value couldn’t be any higher. If you are a team trailing your league-mates in the standings, then Murray could offer you much needed starter quality depth and future considerations.


WR Will Fuller, Houston Texans

Without a doubt Fuller has exceeded many pre-draft fantasy pundits as he has taken a successful first step in his young professional career. Nevertheless, I would caution owners from placing too large of an expectation on Fuller, at least in terms of consistent production. The current hamstring injury not withstanding I simply don’t see the anything more than a boom or bust player who is best served as a WR3 or premium flex play. The reason? Gut instinct. I don’t expect this to be a popular opinion, however this segment is about not just “Selling”, but maximizing your return on investment and Fuller fits the bill in that area. Houston is still trying to find their identity on offense and Nuk is the man on that offense. Certainly Fuller has speed to burn and not only could a nagging hamstring become problematic it could become a downright disaster for the young speedster. In redraft leagues, I would be selling now while you can  get a nice return.

From a Dynasty perspective it is a bit different. You likely added Fuller from your rookie draft and the hope is he was not someone you were counting on for quality production right off the bat, but someone you could groom while you got points from your core team. Thus, Fuller is a luxury and one who is big play dependent. So, why not rid yourself of a fringe starter for someone better equipped to offer you a greater level of consistency each week? Now is the perfect time to not only “Sell High” on Fuller, but do your team a service by adding much needed production depth and insulation for the stretch run.


TE Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins

One word. Concussion. This guy is no doubt a supreme talent, but if you are nestled in a redraft league and have the opportunity to move Reed now before it gets worse (Reed has already been ruled out for Week 6 due to the concussion protocol) then do so before it’s too late. Make no mistake he is a supreme and difference making talent at the Tight End position, however, his history with concussions is not a good one and this could put a damper on your hopes of sustaining your seasonal success without a viable back-up plan in place.

Dynasty owners are afforded a bit more leeway as they can comfortably sit him on their bench and install the “next man up” rule. Although, if you are lacking in production Tight End depth now may be the time to make the move. One man I would target…along with a sweetener would be Tight End, Hunter Henry of the San Diego Chargers. (More about him later).

Honorable Mention Sell Now Candidates: QB Carson Palmer, QB Eli Manning, QB Andrew Luck, RB Terrance West, RB Spencer Ware, RB CJ Anderson, WR John Brown, WR Tajae Sharpe, WR Willie Snead, TE Antonio Gates, TE Martellus Bennett, TE Cameron Brate.


QB Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Although I have never been a huge Cam supporter the guy is a fantasy stud. He is expected to start this weekend after passing his concussion tests and I look for him to return in a grand way. Should you have league-mates worried about his health or durability then now would be the time to strike.

From a redraft perspective, Newton could be the difference maker you need to successfully traverse the remaining 8 weeks of your fantasy season before hitting your leagues post season festivities.

Obviously, the savvy Dynasty owners are willing to weather the storm and likely have had a back-up plan. Regardless, there are always the worry-wart owners who panic and those are the ones you tap to acquire Cam.


RB Kenneth Dixon, Baltimore Ravens

Man-crush alert! Full disclosure, I love this kid. He can do it all and has been properly eased back in. Once he regains full confidence that his MCL has healed (with or without the brace) lookout! The Ravens are now being led by a new OC (Marty Mornhinweg) and ol’ Marty is a maverick. He isn’t afraid to gamble and take risks. There is talent on the Raven offense which Mornhinweg can tap into and Dixon is their secret weapon who is about to be unleashed. Get your shares now!

In redraft, this may be a move only a division leading team could stomach, but if you’re also a gambler then make the move now and thank me later.

In Dynasty, adding Dixon is a no brainer. In fact, if you haven’t already gotten your shares you are risking it being too late. So act now.


WR Jeremy Kerley, San Francisco 49ers

What? A 49er you say? In fact, yes…this wasn’t a typo. Sure, the 49er offense doesn’t offer you the jolt of an offensive juggernaut and sure they are completely bass-akwards as a team this season. However, Week 6 will see the crusading kneeler himself back under center (Colin Kaepernick). Now I’m not saying Kaep will be provide a rejuvenation or ignite a resurrection in the 49ers doormat offense, but I will say it simply can’t get any worse and one player who should benefit from the mobility Kaep offers very well could be Kerley.

Redraft owners are the ones who should be making aggressive stabs to acquire JK since you only live once.

As for Dynasty owners, Kerley is an intriguing player to monitor. Certainly adding him to your team can’t hurt. However, if you attack now you can likely get him for little to nothing especially from the unsuspecting owner.


TE Hunter Henry, San Diego Chargers

This kid is special and yes, he is in the best offensive possible to demonstrate his abilities. The perfect storm is brewing for patient Henry owners and it is only just beginning.

Redraft owners would be wise to try and add HH as a secondary option at best or at least a bye-week fill-in. It’s not likely he is a starter just yet for any teams so the cost to get him should be manageable.

However, in Dynasty, Henry is a must-add player in all scoring formats. This kid is gonna be good. Future Hall of Famer, Antonio Gates has his days numbered and this kid won’t make it any easier. Unlike Ladarius Green before him, Hunter Henry was a coveted player for the Charger brass and up to this point he has made them look good with their decision to select him.

Honorable Mention Buy Now Candidates: QB Carson Wentz, QB Jared Goff, QB Colin Kaepernick, RB James White, RB Devontae Booker, RB Jamaal Charles, WR Julian Edelman, WR Donte Moncrief, WR Cameron Meredith, TE Zach Ertz, TE Coby Fleener, TE Zach Rudolph.


That is all my friends! Make the moves needed to improve. The time to act is now. Remain active and accountable to your team and you will find the success you have earned. Good luck!



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