Mining for Diamonds

The greatest weapon Dynasty footballers have is their ability to always be building. Dynasty football owners are not thwarted by the restrictions of small rosters sizes commonly used Re-Draft formats. Once you draft your team its yours. Additionally, having expanded rosters is a huge advantage towards cultivating those end-of-the-roster fliers, or as I like to call them, potential diamonds in the rough. As a Dynasty owner, you now possess full autonomy of what happens from that point on. The ability to achieve success with consistency, in Dynasty football, is a real thing. The only ingredient it requires is to be active and accountable to yourself, through the vehicle of acquiring knowledge. It also goes without saying that it helps to be a bit of a maverick and willing to take a chance here and there. Through the efforts of activity, while on the road towards discovery, you are bound to find that rare commodity while mining for diamonds.
In Dynasty football, we can typically assume that the vast majority of owners participating are one of two types of people. They are either severely competitive, while being overly addicted to fantasy football or they are “fresh off the boat” so to speak. Just like the NFL has veterans and rookies, so does Dynasty football. Thus, its the veterans who are most likely to be willing to take the calculated risk by mining for that rare, unknown player, in hopes of finding a gem. Therefore, should any rookies new to the Dynasty experience be reading this article pay close attention. Let’s begin.
The Overview
One of the first things on your “Must Do” list, when setting out on your journey to find that diamond in the rough, is to learn the depth charts of each of the NFL rosters. This is a baseline that will help you in your search.
The next thing, you need to do, is have a working knowledge on which skill position players are on each NFL teams practice squad. This is essential, as these players, although not active on the 53-man roster, still possess value to each NFL team.
The third area of concentration needs to be a bookmarked list of SPARQ score rankings, preferably for the current season. However, its always good to know previous seasons rankings as well.
Once you have these three areas down your search will be made much easier.
Injuries at the Skill Positions
We have all heard the phrase “Next Man Up”. I prefer the term “Knowing is Half the Battle.” Of course I just dated myself, as that’s the catch phrase from G.I. Joe. Nevertheless, these two phrases go hand in hand, especially in terms of fantasy football preparation.
The 2015 season has not been kind to starting quality production fantasy players. This season we have seen the likes of Jamaal Charles, Le’Veon Bell, Jordy Nelson, Dez Bryant, Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, Kelvin Benjamin, Keenan Allen, Tony Romo, etc. all fall victim to injury. Obviously we will never know when the vaunted injury fairy will pay players a visit, so it is essential to be aware of who the “Next Man Up” is.
From the group above there were only a few reserve players that truly ascended to carve out meaningful production, while their aforementioned predecessors were out (or whom are still out). Three players that come to mind are the two reserve Kansas City running backs, Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware, along with running back Thomas Rawls (now currently injured) of the Seattle Seahawks. Prior to the start of the season not many were aware of who Charcandrick West even was and even less likely knew about Spencer Ware. Certainly many Dynasty owners had a working knowledge of Rawls, simply because he was a rookie. Nonetheless, each of the individuals were unheralded and obviously undervalued by the fantasy community.
The production that each of these players have been able to offer have either kept owners in contention or sustained owners, who already held an advantage of the rest of their league-mates. Only the strong will survive, thus, the dutiful dynasty owner will have already done their homework and would have cuffed their running backs and incrementally prepped for depth at other positions, earlier on in the season.
Success is discovered when preparation and accountability collide. Don’t be left out, so make sure to keep active and most importantly, Always Be Building! Stagnation is a recipe for disaster, in the realm of Dynasty football.
By gaining an understanding of the aforementioned areas, you will be well on your way towards building a Dynasty team to be proud of and one that should keep you in the hunt for that elusive league championship for years to come. Keep Mining and soon you will discover that hidden gem destined to take you to the promised land.
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