Truth or Bogus: Week 9 Recap

Truth or Bogus – Week 9 Recap

There’s a great quote that is a personal favorite of mine:

“Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing”

Vince Lombardi said that. The very same Vince Lombardi who won the first two Super Bowls as a coach, and whose name is now etched into the side of the NFL Championship trophy.

He didn’t get to that vaulted spot because he lucked out. The man knew what he was talking about. He’s absolutely right, by the way. Winning is habit. Losing, for many of us, is as much so.

But if you can prepare, dedicate yourself and think two steps ahead, winning will be your habit.

This week marks the trade deadline for many fantasy football leagues. So it’s time to pull the trigger on some deals that will transform your team.

My habit? Filtering out the Bull. So I’m back with another edition of Truth or Bogus?, my weekly foray into the world of fantasy football headlines. I’ll let you know whether to bite on these storylines or not.

I want to change things up this time. Seeing as how the trade deadline is looming for many of us, I am going to focus on several players who are trending in certain directions and let you know if you can expect a turnaround or not. Let’s jump right in.

Marlon Mack is a Key Piece of Trade Bait

TRUTH – If you are the Marlon Mack owner, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. Mack himself has been on fire as of late, but I expect a sharp decline in his fantasy production. It’s high time you move him for a better asset.

Yeah, Marlon Mack feasted on the Jets, Bills, and Raiders, but who doesn’t? He had exploitable matchups, and he performed well. But now, the Colts have a tougher road. Jacksonville twice, Tennessee, and a sturdy Dallas run defense are all on the slate in the coming weeks.

The Colts are not going to be dominating their opponents as they did in the last 3 games. Trust me, we have seen the very best of Marlon Mack.

Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins are still seeing multiple touches. In fact, Hines has seen his carries increase in each successive game over the past 3 weeks.

It’s time to unload Mack at a profit. Feel free to buy-in for James Conner, David Johnson, Jarvis Landry, or anyone else in that realm.

Rob Gronkowski is a Buy-Low Candidate

BOGUS – He absolutely was a buy-low guy for me right up until Tuesday morning when I read the report that Gronk’s back has flared up. That has serious potential to pester him for the rest of the season.

Oh I know, he’s played through injuries before. But this has been a long road for Gronk. 2018 has seen him haul in just one touchdown, and that was in week 1. In fact, I expect to hear news that Gronk has been battling injuries since that game this offseason. He’s just not the same dominant red-zone threat that he’s been in previous years.

Honestly, up until Tuesday morning, I really liked Gronk. But I’m passing on him in favor of a more dependable postseason fantasy asset.

Josh Gordon is Back in the WR1 Conversation

BOGUS – “Ugh, Mitch is talking about Gordon AGAIN?!’

Yeah, sorry readers. But if he stays in the news, I gotta keep talking about him. Gordon broke out with a huge game last week, putting up 19 points in standard scoring leagues. This boom in production has owners clamoring for him ahead of the trade deadline.

But pump the brakes, Gordon-truthers. We are less than 10 days removed from Gordon’s disciplinary benching. That might be something you could overlook if it happened to Deandre Hopkins, but this is Gordon. He’s very difficult to trust even after the big game. He and Edelman had the same number of targets, but Gordon got open thanks to lapsed coverage. With Sony Michel set to return and several receivers to spread the ball around to, this was likely Gordon’s best game of 2018.

Le’Veon Bell is Back Just In Time to Save Fantasy Owners

BOGUS – I am sorry I am also discussing Bell again, so I’ll make this short.

Bell IS going to be back very soon. But he is NOT going to be a fantasy asset. The Steelers risk more by playing Bell than by benching him. They saved themselves over $8-million by being patient, and they have found a new stud RB in the meantime.

Yes, benching Bell is wasted money. But the Steelers are not going to force the issue when they have a stud in James Conner who has the full support of his team. Tomlin has already stated he’s not interested in starting a guy who hasn’t bought into being a Steeler. I believe him.

Sell Bell now if you can.

Leonard Fournette is Returning, Get Him in Your Lineup

TRUTH – Sometimes, too much time away from the game can convince people that a guy doesn’t have it anymore. Hey, sometimes they’re right. But Fournette has all the makings of a top-flight back for years to come.

The only thing standing in his way is health. Fournette needs to remain on the field in order to be useful to fantasy owners. Carlos Hyde is not a dominant enough presence to maintain a starter role. The will hand Fournette the reins and he’ll be a low-end RB1 for the rest of the season.

That’s it for Truth or Bogus. Be sure to follow me @DFF_MitchLawson on twitter and I’ll keep you up to date on the bigger storylines in fantasy football.

Stay tuned!


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