Trading Post Series: Vol. 2

I think we can all agree that trading is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Dynasty Football. Regardless if you feel a trade was even or if you feel like you “won” the trade decidedly, just the act of pulling off a trade is a fun thing.

In this installment of the “Trading Post” we’re going to take a look at a trade involving QBs moving in opposite directions in their careers. 

The League: 

Talk is Cheaper Jackpot Dynasty

The Trade: 

Dynasty Twitter:

* One item of note. Numbers are very confusing to me, and in fact, I traded the 1.09, not the 1.08 *

In My Defense/I agree:

I WIN!!!! I don’t necessarily believe this trade is as lopsided as Dynasty Twitter does but I’ll take confirmation anytime I can get it.  Seriously someone, just tell me you love me, or like me, okay I’ll even accept if you can stomach me.

At one time this 2017 class seemed much deeper than it now appears to be. As recently as pre-combine I had visions of drafting starters through the 2nd round of my rookie drafts and now once you get beyond 1.06 I feel much less secure in the players that will be available. That said, this is still a good class and my team could certainly use the player I would have selected this year and now I’ve kicked that value way down the road all the way to 2019. This portion of the trade is probably a slight L for me, but I can live with it.

The QBs that were traded was the biggest part of this trade in my eyes. My QB situation pre-trade was Carson Palmer, who may or may not be a corpse, and Joe Flacco, so less than ideal. Jameis Winston is young, talented with two solid seasons of production under his belt. The fact that Winston has been so productive with Mike Evans and not much else leaves me giddy thinking about what he can accomplish with Desean Jackson now in the fold. Carson Palmer completely bottomed out last season after a great 2015 season and in no way did I want to go into the season with him as my QB1. Flacco is too unreliable for even a 2 QB league in my eyes, so Winston is a much-needed upgrade to my quarterback corp.

In Closing:

A young, still ascending QB who just gained a new toy in DJax and a 1st round pick that gets to marinate for the next season or two for an aging QB most likely playing his final season and a 2017 mid-1st is a trade I’d be comfortable making more times than not.

That’s all for today boys and girls. Luckily enough though I’m in a few leagues so I’ll have some more trades to discuss shortly. If you have any trades you want to share please go ahead and let me know in the comments below, our forums or Twitter @DFF_Shane



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