IDP Draft Profile: LB Ejuan Price, Pittsburgh

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Injuries are the first thing that stands out when it comes to Price. He was absolutely hammered in his early college career by a string of injuries. In 2012, starting off as an ILB, he suffered a pectoral injury. The next year, 2013, back injury. In 2014, a chest muscle cost him his season. Once he was able to stay on the field, he played like a beast. Coming back after each injury is commendable. Finally healthy he produced two seasons where he put up double digit sacks and averaged 45 tackles. It’s the 23 tackles for a loss that shows me he can penetrate. One way he gets into the backfield quickly is giving an inside move then, turbo speed around the tackle and BOOM! He moves with the first step you want to see from a pass rusher. Along with his burst, he can bend around the edge. If he gets a double team, he gets shut down. If the tackle can get hands on him he is also shut down quickly. Needs to work on his hands to break free. Shooting gaps, he blows up running backs. A twitchy player who likes to keep his feet moving gets him between the guard and tackle allowing him to be distributive.  Once he puts himself into position for a sack he must make the play, if he misses he will not chase the QB down, just doesn’t have the speed to do it. While playing the run he also gives up on plays too quickly if he is not in position to make the play.

NFL Draft Outlook:

Being a 24-year-old rookie will leave some teams hesitant to take him. His body type will have teams questioning where they would play him. If a team is not worried about his injury history and have a good plan on how to use him, you’re looking at the mid 4th of the draft.

Role in the NFL:

If he goes to a 34 team, he will make a good rush OLB. He is good at causing havoc and knows his way along the D-line. In passing downs, he would be able to move onto the D line and play with his hand in the dirt. This would be his best bet to a three down role. Becoming a pass rush specialist would also be a role he would be able to carve out.

Fantasy Outlook:

I’m a hoarder of ILB. They offer the highest ceiling for tackles. As a rush LB he would be worth a stash in big play scoring formats. In my leagues where we have to start OLB’s he would also be worth a stash. In your more typical scoring formats or leagues that are not running with deep benches (50 plus roster spots), he would be a pass. If you’re looking for a grab in the 7th round of your rookie drafts, this would be one of your targets.

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