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IDP Draft Profile: LB Tyus Bowser, Houston

Tyus Bowser: 6’3 244 pounds

Games watched:

Vanderbilt, Memphis, San Diego St.

My Thoughts:

This is another player I enjoyed watching. Not overly flashy, but a guy who just gets it done. Houston asked him to do a lot of things on defense, playing the run, to rushing the passer and playing in coverage. That shows the coaching staff’s trust in him and, he looked really good in each of these roles. Plays with a quick twitch that I love to see in a young prospect. When he is sent after the QB he moves around the edge quickly and easily. I was impressed! What I failed to see was good hands on his pass rush. This is something that would need a lot of coaching and improvement at the next level. To stay on the field he needs to work on using his hands, to help him get free. When setting the edge, he made it work, but it’s not a strength of his. Bowser is at his best when assigned a one gap responsibility. He was swapped from one side of the formation to the other and showed no signs of having a problem doing so. High football IQ, looks good. Seeing a screenplay developing he moves out and can take that away, or fight through the blockers and make the play. LOVE that! Able to stay disciplined he eats up the running back when trying to make a cutback. This is a player who can line up over the slot and turn and run with them. Won’t see that very often. When he was asked to drop back he looked at home. Very comfortable in doing so. Showing so well playing in space opens the door for him to be that three-down player in the NFL.

Last season he recorded 12 tackles for a loss. If you know me, that’s one of my favorite stats. It’s big points in fantasy and shows he is working in enemy territory. Also posted 8.5 sacks in the 8 games, he played. Sidelined for 5 games due to a broken bone suffered from an incident with a teammate, still put up good numbers. Imagine, what a full season would have looked like!

NFL Draft and Beyond:

A talented player in a loaded class. My best guess would be a mid second round pick. I see him capable of playing ILB in a 34 alignment, where he can play the run and pass. With his ability to play well in zone and to turn and running would put him in position to play a nickel role as well. Keep in mind; he could also be effective blitzing from those positions. Another possible three-down player. It is possible he is used on special teams and given a small role year one, before moving into an every down role. Think B. J. Goodson in New York.


Versatile player who offers a diverse set of skills to a team. If you’re someone who drafts a lot of LBs, he must be on your radar. When the LB run happens, you’ll be confident you can grab a skilled player like this later in the draft.

Watch his highlights here. Look at his measurables at

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