Redraft: Week 7 Buy/Sell

Hello, fellow fantasy managers. My name is Matt Ward, and I will be substituting for the Draft Director, Chris Miles, in this week’s edition of Redraft: Buy/Sell. Chris begins every Buy/Sell article with a personal disclaimer that I felt would be pertinent to quote. “If someone’s value is too high, I might tell you to sell or if I think their value will decrease soon, he could also be a sell. I will give my reasoning for why each player falls in a certain category. I will attempt to have the format consistently be a buy and sell for each position, but that may increase or decrease depending on the week. I do not want to put a QB or TE on my list just to fill the space if they do not truly deserve it. So, you can trust that all of the players I will talk about are relevant.” I want to add to that by saying I would never advise a reader to make a move I would not personally make myself. My intentions will always be to provide actionable reasoning behind my evaluations. Now let’s make some trades.
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