Quarterbacks: Rightfully Untouched by the BMI Hysteria

Historically, there has been a strong narrative in the football community about QB size despite players like Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray balling out on Sundays. The QB size debate begins with how tall a QB is and if it affects their ability to make reads of the defense on passing plays. There has been a lot of discussion around QB hand size and its correlation to QB performance in cold-weather games. Analysts have even studied QB weight and how it translates to their durability in the NFL. So I decided to use my newly released college prospect database and explore BMI and QB performance. Before going any further, there needs to be a brief overview of BMI. BMI compares an individual's weight to their height and it’s used to describe their level of body fat or thickness. The index was derived from the works of the Belgian thinker, Adolphe Quetelet.
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