Dynasty Hot Routes: Worried About Who?

The mission of this article is to make our in-house experts sizzle and bristle over the hot button issues that face dynasty owners. Our experts make the entire route tree HOT as they address topics from the world of IDP, Devy, Start/sit, Non-PPR, PPR and everything in between. Try not to get burned by all the fiery YAC below! This is Dynasty Hot Routes!


Injuries have already started, who are you worried about and who are you grabbing for depth?

Joshua Johnson – Most of my leagues are fairly deep so thankfully I have guys like Carson Wentz, Tyrod Taylor and Andy Dalton behind all my Andrew Luck shares. I could sign Scott Tolzien, but thankfully I do not have to resort to such tom foolery.

It appears Sterling Shepard avoided a major scare but I am still curiously grabbing Roger Lewis as I imagine Shepard will not get back to 100% without some rest.

My Will Fuller shares are going through a rough patch as he will likely be out until October. On one team, I also have Shepard as well as Kevin White and Breshad Perriman so I clearly have the patience to withstand this. However, I could go get Jaelen Strong but his wide availability is likely for a reason, right?

John Orr – The biggest scare for me has been the news out of Miami – Ryan Tannehill going down. I’m thin at QB in a couple of my superflex leagues. In one of those, I have the Miami gun slinger and am looking to add Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick to my roster. I have Matt Moore already thankfully. Personally, I’d roll with Moore but just in case I am grabbing free agent QBs to cover myself.

Brian Hawkes – I’m grabbing Danny Woodhead where I can. I’ve been surprised at how reasonable the price has been to acquire him (possibly due to age/ injury history), and I love the opportunity he has in the Baltimore passing game.

I’m also using a “zig” while everyone “zags” strategy and attempting to acquire Will Fuller at a discount due to his injury. Fuller had solid target totals and showed glimpses of being a great player despite Brock Osweiler in ‘16 – I’m using his injury as a buy opportunity.

Eric Iannaccone – I am in full panic mode on Jordan Reed. In response to a question about Reed’s Week 1 availability, Coach Gruden said, “I don’t know, we’ll see.” This quote came from a piece by Nora Princiotti at the Washington Times and continues,

I think from every indication that I’ve gotten and received from the doctors and trainers and from Jordan, I feel like he’ll be ready for the season. But you never know, so we’ll still have to wait and see. Things are odd from time to time, but I have total faith that he’ll be ready.”

He sounds more hopeful here than anything else. There’s very little reassurance other his beliefs, and he even goes so far as to leave the door open. But you never know.

I’ve grabbed Vernon Davis as depth in a number of leagues and feel pretty good about that. I also like Evan Engram’s potential this season if Sterling Shepard misses any time.

Are you worried about any players retiring after the 2017 and what is your plan to help ease the blow?

Joshua Johnson – I own Big Ben in my 48 team league (4 copies of each player). After starting that season with just Ryan Fitzpatrick (formerly Fitzmagick) and Jared Goff behind him I need to desperately find another QB. I was able to swing a deal for Tyrod Taylor and a mid-2nd round 2017 rookie pick for just Devin Funchess. That was a deadline deal during the 2016 season. I was then able to parlay that into Matthew Stafford as a gave up Tyrod and late 2nd round 2017 rookie pick during the rookie draft.

John Orr – I am in my superflex and two QB league mindset right now. Carson Palmer jumps out as a player entering his final year. Stashing Blaine Gabbert would help you out. Drew Stanton is currently second on the depth chart and would be a worthwhile hold as well in deeper leagues. In my 2 QB leagues with IDP, we can roster 60 players. I’d use some of those spots for this possibility.

Derrick Johnson is 34 and very well could be playing his final season. A player I have tried to stash everywhere is Ukeme Eligwe. If you have him it could leave you feeling comfortable heading into next season. Guy can play and with a year to learn and adjust to the speed of the NFL could take over the reigns at ILB in Kansas City.

Brian Hawkes – I’m worried about Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Matt Forte, and Frank Gore retirements following the ‘17 season. My plan?… sell now!!! All of these players still have value for contending teams. I’m open to moving them if there is a return with better long-term payout.

Also, if Brees and Palmer retire – there is potential for downstream impact to the Saints and Cardinals receiving corps… as a result – I’m avoiding significant investments in both passing games.

Eric Iannaccone – I’m concerned about Frank Gore, Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger, and Antonio Gates retiring. I think Palmer, Gore, and Gates owners have probably been planning for this scenario. Big Ben owners got a shock early in this off-season when he said he was thinking about moving on from football. My way of handling this was moving up the rookie QBs in my rookie drafts for those leagues. I drafted Mahomes and Watson – players I think have the best long term potential out of this rookie group.

What do you really think of Martavis Bryant and will he live up to his July DFF ADP of 50th overall?

Joshua Johnson – I loved Marvelous Martavis more than anyone when he was coming out. I loved that his film and his combine showed a silky smooth specimen. However, his tendencies for Jah Marijuana are still against the rules and regulations of the NFL Shield. I learned a harsh lesson with Justin Blackmon and you former and present Josh Gordon owners know exactly what I am talking about. I don’t trust him. He knows the rules and he breaks them. Whether you are for legalization or not you must respect the laws of the land you scamper on. Yes some NFL players rightfully use the weed to dull their pain but this clearly a case of recreational partying. The man is not responsible for himself and he has no spot on my roster.

John Orr – If he can get reinstated soon I would feel better about his situation. I believe he can light up the field this year and earn the top 50 ADP. The question is when will he be allowed to practice? Roger Goodell is not one to rush on these matters. I’d love to see him getting some work with the team before their 2nd preseason game. For now, I will continue to believe in his skills and hope he has learned from this.

Brian Hawkes – Martavis produces when he plays – it’s that simple. If the league reinstates him, he will produce fantasy points and win you games. That being said, the list of players who have been suspended for substance abuse does not have a good track record for sustained success following suspension.

Odds are Bryant will get suspended again. As a result, I have to say he is not likely to live up to his current ADP.

Eric Iannaccone – I am a shameless Martavis truther and believe he’s one of the ten most talented wide receivers in the NFL. I also believe he has truly turned his life around. Call me naive, but he seems different than the other guys. I’ve been burned pretty badly by Josh Gordon, but the story around Martavis has been different. This story from Sports Illustrated was really the first time we’ve heard from Martavis about his suspensions. If you have a minute, take the time to watch/read it. Maybe it’ll change your opinion on him: https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/01/13/martavis-bryant-suspension-steelers-marijuana-reinstatement 



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