Malik Cunningham

Discovering Dynasty Diamonds: Malik Cunningham

Within the domain of Dynasty Fantasy Football, where knights of the digital gridiron seek everlasting glory, there exists a hidden treasure that can transform mere contenders into champions: the discovery of rookies brimming with untapped potential. Much like fabled quests for hidden and enchanted artifacts, uncovering these budding stars is an endeavor that can elevate your Dynasty team to unparalleled heights. In order to identify the potential diamonds, there are subtle and compelling signs that a burgeoning star is being prepared for a more significant role with their team. These signs are akin to whispers in the wind, revealing the potential for greatness in the making.

Malik Cunningham is a rookie dual-threat QB with untapped potential and incredible upside. His ability to extend plays, mitigate poor O-line play with his ability to escape pressure, and incredible athleticism make him a prime candidate to contribute to and hopefully get things on the right track for the struggling New England offense.

Here are some telltale indicators that suggest Malik Cunningham could be on the precipice of a larger role:

  • Malik Cunningham had 120 touchdowns during his Louisville career, surpassing Lamar Jackson’s TD record by one.
  • New England Patriots guaranteed $200,000 to Cunningham as an Undrafted Free Agent. This is the most amount of guaranteed money to a UDFA in New England’s franchise history.
  • Bill O’Brien recently regarded Cunningham as one of their most improved players.
  • Bill Belichick was quoted, “Anybody who keeps improving is eventually probably going to get an opportunity to play”.
  • New England recently announced that they are elevating Malik Cunningham to the active roster on a three-year deal.
  • Mac Jones has noticeably struggled this year, Bailey Zappe is a serviceable backup but has done little to look the part of a QB1 and Will Grier hasn’t shown much, if anything, to get excited about yet. Opportunity looms large for Malik.

While “eventually probably” doesn’t conjure the most galvanizing notions towards Cunningham’s playing time, this was most likely another example of the coy, elusive rhetoric from Belichick that has kept pundits guessing for his entire career. Apart from the flimsy platitudes, the Patriots made a much more resolute statement when they activated Cunningham to the active roster and gave him a three-year contract. As a self-proclaimed soothsayer presented with these sentiments, there’s a strong chance that Malik Cunningham can indeed become a Dynasty Diamond in the rough. Claim him off the waiver wire, buy low, or keep him stashed on your bench as we await the potential but also inevitable breakout. 

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