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Factory Divisional Nuggets: NFC West #2 October 11, 2019

Jimmy G is starting to look like the guy the 49ers brought in from the Patriots, who just found ways to win games. You might not think he’s showing flashy numbers on the fantasy stat sheets, but his play is approaching what we believe he can be. You can...

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Factory Divisional Nuggets: NFC West September 15, 2019

This series will attempt to bring clarity to the goings-on both on and off the field within each NFL Division so that dynasty owners can make the important roster decisions during the NFL season to help them build toward their championships. Our writers w...

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Taxi Squad Dynasty Stashes August 30, 2019

Dynasty drafts are done or winding down. Most are likely after FA auctions or waiver runs have been running throughout the offseason. The most pertinent decisions to be made other than making trades to position yourself where you want to be for the upcomi...

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Divisional Beat: NFC West – Los Angeles Rams August 18, 2019

Here is my bird’s eye view of how the teams in the NFC West are looking from a fantasy perspective for the upcoming NFL100 season. I’ll be updating the dynasty outlooks of players throughout the season ahead. But we need a starting reference point to ...

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Draft Attendance May Hold The Key To Your Fantasy Draft April 22, 2019

On Thursday night next, 25th April in Nashville, Tennessee, the 2019 NFL Draft will be upon us. The mecca of Country music will hand over center stage to the NFL for the weekend as college players graduate to the professional ranks. By all accounts, the p...

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DFF ADP Survivor April 12, 2019

First thing’s first, I’m a Survivor superfan, all you other superfans are just imitating! Ever since Richard Hatch strutted his naked self around Borneo up to and including the current run, the 38th edition of the series, I’ve been stuck trawling s...

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