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First thing’s first, I’m a Survivor superfan, all you other superfans are just imitating! Ever since Richard Hatch strutted his naked self around Borneo up to and including the current run, the 38th edition of the series, I’ve been stuck trawling streaming sites, YouTube videos, or any other source I can find to watch the most fascinating reality series there has ever been.

This is the horrid existence of an Irishman, where the series is only broadcast as a late night slot many years after the series itself has been originally televised in the United States. Similar issues arise when trying to find sources for NFL content, which only shows the lengths we fans outside the continental US go to when it comes to getting our fix of America’s Game.

So, how about we marry the two together and have a bit of fun with it. I’ll set the scene:

The NFL offseason is upon us, and a whole new set of players are entering the game between 25-27 April 2019 in Nashville, TN. However, a bunch of returning players are eager to play their part next season, but they are hovering dangerously close to the precipice of DFF’s March ADP.

They find themselves on the Edge of Extinction with only the tools they have developed thus far in their career to help them face the onslaught of the newly drafted contenders to gain the ultimate reward, cementing their position with ADP relevance.

No one has Immunity! Who will Outplay and Outlast? Who will Survive?

I selected the players closest to falling out of the ADP, made up of over 200 players, including the incoming rookie class.

The Cast

Jared Cook, TE, New Orleans Saints

You might be surprised to see him down near the bottom of the ADP, coming off a TE1 fantasy season in Oakland and now finding himself signed up to a Drew Brees offense. It’s the stuff of dreams you would think.

Look a bit closer and you will see that they haven’t really used the TE in New Orleans the past 2 years. In fact, the Raiders targeted TE 130 times in 2018 and 110 times in 2017, while the Saints TE targets were 89 and 63 (lowest in NFL) respectively. Maybe he’s an upgrade on the TE’s they’ve had the last few seasons: Ben Watson, Coby Fleener, and Josh Hill have already been voted off the ADP.

Dion Lewis, RB, Tennessee Titans

It’s not fun anymore when you leave the backfield of one of the league’s all-time greatest QB’s. Lewis left New England after a productive 2017 and started 2018 as a major part of the Titans offense. But by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, that role had diminished as the team finally decided to give their third-year, second-round pick the ball. Derrick Henry ran with the opportunity, and now Lewis, who is signed up for 3 more years, will most likely be relegated to relieving duties.

Marquise Goodwin, WR, San Francisco 49ers

No one felt the pain of losing Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco more than Goodwin. After spending years as an afterthought in Buffalo, Goodwin arrived at the 49ers with little or no expectations. However, the chemistry between Garoppolo and Goodwin led to a career year, with 56 catches for 962 yards and a couple of TD’s.

The Track and Field star could not reproduce this form when C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens were throwing him the ball in 2018, and he will most likely battle some incoming recruits for snaps in 2019. Coach Kyle Shanahan has even expressed his desire to get more guys in to take the pressure off Goodwin. They’ll take fantasy value from him, too.

Jay Ajayi, RB, Free Agent

Ajayi began his NFL career under a cloud after falling to Miami in the 5th round of the 2015 draft amid rumors of knee problems. He overcame same and became an able ball carrier for the Dolphins with some ability to contribute catching the ball as well, but some disappointing performances and other factors saw him traded to the Eagles. There, he blew hot and cold before his season ended early with a torn ACL. Coming back from that now, Ajayi finds himself trying to prove his health and ability are back at 100% to catch on with a team; the Colts being mentioned as a potential partnership.

Jamison Crowder, WR, New York Jets

Crowder enjoyed WR3 type success during his time in Washington but struggled mightily with an ankle injury in the season just gone. The Jets decided that he was worth three yrs, $28.5m with $17m guaranteed to offer a solution to their slot. If he returns to the field healthy, there’s no reason why he can’t carry his numbers across to New York and give sophomore QB, Sam Darnold, a more consistent ball catcher than Jermaine Kearse offered.

John Ross, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Man, he’s mighty fast! At the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.22 in the 40. That was enough for the Bengals to make him the ninth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Bengals will be hoping that he finds inspiration from Tyler Boyd, another high draft pick, and break out in year three. That’s a thing, isn’t it? Third-year receivers!

He’s got some work to do as, even with A.J. Green sidelined, he didn’t exactly jump off the bench and take the opportunity. Still, if he can stay healthy at all, maybe some of that speed might actually be made count for something.

D’Onta Foreman, RB, Houston Texans

A 3rd round pick in 2017, Foreman hasn’t been able to put anything on his CV to shift Lamar Miller from atop the Texans depth chart due to an unfortunate Achilles injury. It has taken an age for him to recover from the injury, and he is now building himself up this offseason to have another crack at Miller’s spot.

It should be a spot for the taking, especially with Miller in the final year of his contract, but can he keep himself together to make that push? You can never say never with these strong-willed guys who work to get back, but the fear is that desire may push things too far and aggravate that injury.

Jimmy Graham, TE, Green Bay Packers

The once mighty Jimmy Graham, oh how he has fallen. At one time, his name was up there in lights with Rob Gronkowski, now he’s nearing the cliff. Not since the days of his amazing partnership with Drew Brees in New Orleans has Graham repaid the stock put into him by both NFL teams and fantasy players. 

Lies, lies, darn lies! This is where Jimmy Graham has finished the last 3 seasons: tight end four, six, and 12. He may not be an elite performer anymore and there’s no doubt he’s a little broken, but outside of the top tier TE’s, does it really make much of a difference?

So there you have it, your ADP Survivor contenders. They face cruel and unbelievable odds and career-defining challenges ahead. Who will raise the white flag and surrender to obscurity? Who will get back in the game? You decide.

PSA – No Quarterbacks were harmed in this production.


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