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darren waller

Wonder Waller

PB&J, Burgers & Fries, and Wings & Beer. Arguably some of the better pairings we’ve come to know and love, but there is another beautiful pairing that only comes around once a year; August & Fantasy Football. Redraft season is heating up, “rankings week” has many feeling like they’re at an adult summer camp with no children, and a lot of dynasty leagues that have been quiet since the NFL draft, have begun to stir. 

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Buy or Sell? Dynasty Edition

Finding value within the dynasty landscape can sometimes feel like a daunting task. With all the takes, stats, and data points we have access to now via X (Twitter), it can feel like paralysis by analysis at times. Whether it’s trade calculators, different sets of rankings, or some of your favorite fantasy analysts having completely opposing viewpoints on the same player, defining value can be one of the more difficult avenues a dynasty player has to traverse. Specifically, the art of buying and selling and how to go about it. For the sake of this discussion, I wanted to share a couple of dynasty trades I recently made and discuss the value thought process. In addition, I identified three different options/scenarios involving dynasty running backs that could be buys/sells depending on where your team is in its current lifecycle/league landscape.

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Chris Olave

Wizful Thinking: Who Got Next?

The revolution is here, and it is being led by WRs. In the last several years, the young WRs in particular, have changed the way many Dynasty managers have gone about building out their rosters for future success. We have seen numerous rookie wideouts make immediate impacts and become the foundation teams are now built around. The NFL has recently changed in more ways than one. We are in the “Air Raid” era that has allowed rookie WRs to come in and make an immediate impact.