Aim For The Top: DFF’s New AccuRankings

Welcome everybody to the start of a brand new day for Dynasty Football Factory! After months of hard work by the best fantasy football crew out there, I am proud to introduce you all to a brand new Rankings page. This is a huge step for our team for a multitude of reasons.

First, our old rankings page held our team to only one ranker per league type. This new format allows us to add as many rankers as we want for each league type! We are lucky to have some of the smartest working individuals in the fantasy football industry on our team and now we can show you insight from way more of them. Below I’ll introduce you to our expanded ranking team so you can get to know exactly who you’re trusting with your dynasty teams.

Second, this new format allows us to bring you more relevant information such as age and bye weeks whereas the last rankings page only showed players and their team.

Last, the new format is dynamic and allows us to easily add new features. This is key for us as we continue to build upon the product we offer to the DFF Army. If you think we’re done making advancements, you are wrong. There will be even more exciting features coming to the site as a whole, as well as the rankings page!

Meet Your AccuRankers!

  • 1 QB Ranking Team
  • SF/TEP Ranking Team
  • SF/TEP Rookie Ranking Team
  • Devy Ranking Team
  • IDP Ranking Team
  • IDP Rookie Ranking Team

Billy Beaman – @WillieBeamanDFF

1QB | SF/TEP | SF/TEP Rookies

Hey, DFF Army! I’ve been fortunate to be able to call Dynasty Football Factory my home since May 2019. Since I arrived I’ve taken on many roles and ranker is the latest addition to that list. DFF’s team of rankers have worked extremely hard behind the scenes to bring these new rankings to the site and I’m super excited for our readers to meet everyone. 

I’m a Sr. Data analyst by day and have been using those skills to sharpen my aptitude as a fantasy analyst. My writing and rankings are dynasty-focused and I encourage any of our readers to reach out if they ever have questions or need assistance. 

As a co-owner of DFF, my main focus is to improve the website in any way we can. Aside from rankings and writing my attention this year will be concentrated on adding improved tools for the Factory Sports Members!

Zach Freed – @FantasyOneFive


By day I’m a high school English teacher. I originally started working for DFF behind the scenes during the 2020 offseason as an editor. This offseason, I’ve transitioned into more writing. Although I’ve done them for myself in the past, this my first year doing rankings on the site. I’m always up for fielding questions on Twitter, so feel free to hit me up anytime.

The Doc – @DocFFFN

SF/TEP | SF/TEP Rookies | Devy | Dynasty IDP

The #DFFArmy has been nothing short of outstanding in their welcoming and acceptance of me since my joining in June of 2020. I bring with me 17 seasons of fantasy football experience, in addition to a previous NCAA collegiate football career, as well as both brief collegiate and high school coaching stints respectively. Currently, I am employed in public education as an athletic administrator for a large public institution. 

My passion is bringing new and exciting concepts to all that love fantasy football. My dedication to the game within the game lies in the steadfast promotion of equity and innovation in the growing pastime of fantasy football. I am the co-owner of Fantasy Football Fright Night (FFFN), where our team is dedicated to creating and running fantasy leagues with unique rules, stipulations, and settings. If this interests you, please feel free to reach out to me. 

For content production, I prefer to work in the IDP and Devy realms of dynasty fantasy football, as these subsets of the hobby are the most detailed and provide the greatest challenge (and the most fun!). Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @DocFFFN and reach out to me about anything or offer feedback on my work. I sincerely appreciate your support and your time reading this. Special thanks go out to @DFF_JoeMem for the creation of the new and improved DFF Rankings pages! And many thanks to all of the DFF Army! #AlwaysBeBuilding

Brad Hartnett – @DynastyDiagnos1

SF/TEP Rookies | Devy

Hey, #DFFArmy! Thank you, as always for the support! I have been with DFF since May of 2020, and specialize in Devy and analytics. We look forward to rolling out more and more tools to help you dominate your Dynasty leagues. By day I am a data analyst for Beachbody (the P90X company), so whether you are interested in fantasy insights or getting/staying in shape feel free to reach out to me on Twitter! 

Tripp Brebner – @DynastyTripp

Dynasty IDP

IDP fantasy football is to the small town as offense-only FFB is to the big city. We’re a little simpler, slower to adjust to the news, and more likely to rely on our gut. But we’re here to have FUN! And no one is more passionate about football than an IDP gamer.

The first step is to make sense of defensive football for fans. I’ve been trying to do this at DFF for a year and a half now. While most writers focus on player profiles (boom/bust, sleepers, and breakouts…), I start with understanding the team. What is the team trying to do? How do players fit in? And how does it translate to fantasy production?

Follow me on Twitter @DynastyTripp. DMs are open. Ping me with questions and feedback anytime!

Scott Osterloh – @FF_EvilEmpire

IDP Rookies

Writing for DFF for the past five years has been and continues to be a tremendous experience for me! As an analytics manager at work, I use my skill set to identify value in all areas of fantasy football. My 10+ years of IDP dynasty experience in dozens of dynasty formats allows me to specialize in IDP, especially rookie IDP valuations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to interact with me on Twitter @FF_EvilEmpire.

Joe Memmolo Jr. – @DFF_JoeMem

1QB | SF/TEP | SF/TEP Rookies

Finally, the author’s intro! By day, I work for Transunion as a Sr. Analyst specializing in process automation; automating data workflows for our sales teams. By night, I get to shift focus to fantasy football and merge two of my biggest passions. I’ve been part of DFF since March 2020 and had the opportunity to become the Dynasty 1 QB ranker in May. It’s been so much fun writing and helping our followers. It’s a blessing to have had the opportunity to help build this new ranking site over the past few months. Thank you so much DFF Army.

The people who have introduced themselves to you above are some of the best and brightest in the fantasy football industry. Both sides of the analytics versus film coin are represented on this team. The ability to gather these great minds into a localized ranking pool is truly phenomenal and there are no better hands that I’d want my fantasy team’s faith in than theirs!

Excited about the new rankings and want to check them out now? Click HERE! Hit me up @DFF_JoeMem on Twitter and be sure to sign up for the DFF monthly subscription so you can always be one step ahead of the competition!


Director of Information Systems for @DFF_Dynasty. #DynastyFootball #FantasyFootball Jets, Mets, Hoosiers.....(Knicks....) fan. You can find me on Twitter @DFF_JoeMem. Let's talk some Fantasy Football!

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