Garrett Wilson

Who Ya Got? Tee Higgins vs. Amon-Ra St. Brown vs. Garrett Wilson

As the newest ranking team member here at DFF, I have asked myself this question quite a bit over the past couple of weeks: Who should I rank higher? These lead to fantastic conversations in league, text, and social media chats. The back and forth is where some of the richest discussions of fantasy football can occur. In particular, in the Dynasty space where a player's value could vary depending on if the team is a contender or rebuilding, and also on positional need. Today’s discussion is not easily solved by either of those metrics though. All three of these guys are talented young WRs that work well whether you are contending now or looking at the long-term picture. I would be happy to have a roster with any one of them or even better all three of them but in a startup, where would I go? Let’s dig into these incredibly talented WRs. 
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