Week 6 Streamers

In this streaming article, I will provide you the best weekly options to stream quarterback, tight end, and D/ST. In each section, I’ll break down two streamers in detail, both of which will be under 50% owned, according to ESPN’s ownership percentage at the time of writing. Playing the matchups is a crucial feature of redraft fantasy football, and especially in a crazy 2020 season, active fantasy owners will have a massive advantage. This week, the NFL made a bunch of schedule changes which, of course, changes my streaming recommendations. The Chargers now have a Week 6 bye, whereas before, they had a game against the Jets. Of course, I liked the Chargers’ options in that game, but they’re now unavailable.  I’m also assuming there will be no further schedule changes and that the NFL sticks to the schedule referenced in that link. Make sure to check your league’s waiver timing, as that may have changed with a Tuesday game this week. With all that out of the way, let’s jump into the streamers.
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