Week 4 Fantasy Preview: NFC South

Oh, the tricky NFC South, where the food is great but the defenses are terrible. If you have players playing against this division, start them.

New Orleans Saints

The bayou is ripe with three big fantasy football stars: Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas. These three guys are tearing up your fantasy league right now. Thomas is the number one WR in all of fantasy and is separating himself from all other receivers in the league. I think maybe people questioning whether he deserves to be in the discussion as a top five WR pissed him off.

If his production keeps up, people will be talking about him in the same breath as Jerry Rice. Alvin Kamara is making yours truly look like a genius. All the naysayers underestimated him, saying that Ingram would take touches away from him, that he couldn’t handle the load as a number one back, blah blah blah. There are no backs in football with his balance, size, route running, intelligence, and, oh yeah, Brees.

Those factors along with offensive genius Sean Payton make him a “Captain Obvious” pick. Speaking of Drew Brees, people that call Tom Brady the GOAT might want to take another look. Not only does Drew own the record for completions, but he is also beating out Brady by 500 completions.

As for passing yards, Brady has 66,803 and Brees has 71,523. Let’s put that into perspective: if he passes for 428 yards next week, he would own the record for most passing yards ever. History repeats itself, and Brees vs. Brady seems like yet another barbershop argument like the Marino vs. Montana argument over the best QB ever. The Saints play the Giants next week and you should see much of the same production from them that they had this week against the Falcons. The Giants aren’t great on defense, so start your guys with confidence. If the Saints can get their defensive in order they may yet earn their status as the only NFC South team in the top 10 of Super Bowl contenders per Vegas

Atlanta Falcons

The Dirty Bird got shot by a Saint this week and it ended in a Brees (see what I did there?). But you have to enjoy the number of fantasy points you got out of this game. Matt Ryan, a.k.a. “Matty Ice” showed that he can score touchdowns in the red zone–five to be exact. And he did it with a rookie no less! Calvin Ridley introduced himself to the football world this past weekend and should start on your fantasy team from here on out. Scoring three TDs in one game is great, but when they are using Julio Jones as a decoy it opens up a lot of opportunities.

You probably didn’t get a lot of production from the running back position this week, but stick with it. Fantasy football is a different game each week and just like real life you have to take the good with the bad. The Birds play the Bengals next week and I see this train continuing to run. It’s a home game and Matty ice earned his nickname for how well he plays at the dome.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton, ohhhh Cam has returned to MVP form. Scoring 4 TDs (2 rushing and 2 Passing) makes him a great QB1 option. Norv Turner definitely looked like his old self again after taking a year away from the NFL to study how the game has changed. Christian McCaffrey needs to score some touchdowns to bring his game full circle. His production in the passing game and the running game with 194 yards from scrimmage is amazing. It’s weird when you think about how people were drafting players ahead of him that don’t have half of his production. But you better make sure your bench is deep because byes start this week and these two big fantasy getters will be on the back burner this weekend.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With Monday’s loss, the magic is gone in real life. But in fantasy, Fitzmagic had a great game throwing for over 400 yards and 3 TDs, and it seems like people are starting to believe in him. Ryan Fitzpatrick has gone from 28.2 percent owned in fantasy leagues to a whopping 86.8 owned. Mike Evans and OJ Howard seem to be his most consistent targets moving forward and are must-starts.

DeSean Jackson fell off this week and you can probably expect that more often moving forward,  since Chris Godwin is taking most of his targets. The Bucs play the Bears this week, but don’t be scared to start OJ or Evans because they are mismatch nightmares. They should produce like normal even against good defenses.

This division has great offensive producers, so start who you can off these teams and sit back and watch your fantasy points climb. As far as sleepers, look for Ted Ginn, Chris Godwin, and Austin Hooper, who might be productive this week for fantasy. As always, keep grinding fantasy Junkies, and remember “I am with the force and the force is with me.”      


Who brings the boom:

NFC South Offenses

Man, this has to be a season of explosives offenses and the NFC South has four of them. With the number of yards coming out of this divisions it’s insane when you think the top running back and wide receiver are here. What’s crazy is the top quarterback is in the same division as well. You can start a lot of players out of this division and be happy with the results moving forward. Here are some players to look at moving forward to get in your line up. Calvin Ridley, Cameron Meredith, O.J. Howard.


Who Drops the Ball:

NFC South Defenses: The offenses look so great because there isn’t any resistance from the defenses in this division. There is only one way to look at this. Start who you can against them. It’s a shame that the rules in the NFL have led to this. There aren’t a lot of dominant defenses in the NFL anymore. Which is great for fantasy but I’m not so sure its good for the game. I loved the 2000 Ravens or the 1985 Bears. These guys remind wide receivers when they came across the middle whose area it is.

But there is something that’s bigger than football that has to be taken into serious context: The safety of our players. It needs to be said their families and friends are affected by the hits these guys have taken throughout the years. So something needed to be done. I can adjust as long as I’m dominating in fantasy and that’s what this forum is about.  


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