Week 4 Fantasy Preview: NFC East

Things aren’t always as they seem in the NFC East. Known as one of the most unpredictable divisions in football, it’s living up to its name with every team doing the opposite of what it did last week (i.e., every team that lost won, and vice versa). Let’s dive in.

Philadelphia Eagles: Wentz is back and oh, is he ready for football.

Not a highly productive week in fantasy, but man did Wentz look good versus the Colts. And out of this cloud of greatness came yet another tight end. Dallas Goedert had more targets than Zach Ertz, but both managed to have 73 yards exactly. Goedert did catch a touchdown, but this could flip on any given Sunday. If you haven’t watched Wentz play, you should know that he loves his tight ends, and if you are going to start anyone on this team, it should be them. Nelson Agholor should be a spot start now because of the change at quarterback.

The Eagles play the Titans this week, who have a better defense than they get credit for. So look for a lot of extended plays by Wentz finding his tight end and running backs out of the backfield. Clement and Smallwood should be serviceable running backs in leagues with more than 10 players but not in 8- or 10-player leagues. Jordan Matthews is back with the team, and as Wentz’s best man at his wedding, they have a connection. Keep an eye on that moving forward. With Alshon Jeffery now cleared for full practices, you might want to put money on the Eagles now to win the Super Bowl. As our friends at SportsBettingDime show, the Eagles odds jumped with the activation of Wentz and now that he has one of his favorite toys back you might not be able to get better odds after Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys: Zeke Zeke and more Zeke.

That’s all I can say about this team. Zeke had almost more yards rushing than Dak had passing, which is sad to say at the least, as it’s supposed to be a passing league. This Dallas team looks a lot like the team from the ‘90s without the offensive line and no playmaker at wide receiver. Why did y’all cut Dez Bryant? The world will never know. But I think Dallas needs to take a hard look in the mirror and decide what type of team they want to be. If you have anyone on your fantasy team from this squad not named Zeke, you should be ashamed of yourself and never play fantasy again.

Dallas has the Lions at home, so hopefully, they prove me wrong since it seems this team only plays well when it’s called out. Start Zeke. Other than that, there is no one worth mentioning on this team. It’s a prove-it league, and they haven’t proved jack.

New York Giants: Finally we have blocking.

The Giants offensive line had a much better performance this weekend, which proved to be very fruitful for the Giants’ offensive targets. Pat Shurmur benched my man Ereck Flowers this week, and it paid immediate dividends. The big three for the Giants–Barkley, Beckham, and Shepard–had big games this past weekend.

Moving forward, Eli plays his daddy’s team this week in the New Orleans Saints. His dad was the quarterback of the Saints for a whole decade, and those were some bad years in the ‘70s. The defense doesn’t look much better now than it did then, so start any of the big three aforementioned. However, there is an injury to be aware of: Evan Engram has a sprained knee and will probably be out for a while. So you might want to look at the Eagles for the tight end help if need be.

Washington Redskins.

What can I say about my home team, who I’m not a fan of, but great job? They pulled out a win last week by dusting off a future Hall of Famer in Adrian Peterson. Last week “All Day” became one of the oldest backs to run for over a hundred yards. And with the production and touches, he is getting. He is a must-start. Jordan Reed is healthy, hallelujah. He hasn’t been healthy this far into a season, ever. The Redskins are the #1 team in the east, and I know no one saw this coming, not even them. They have a bye this week, so make sure you adjust your line up accordingly.

All great divisions have weeks like last week, and the NFC East did not disappoint. As far as sleepers in Fantasy look for Dallas Goedert, and that’s all I’ve got for this division. Keep grinding fantasy spooks and remember, “I am with the force, and the force is with me.”      

Who brings the boom:

Saquon Barkley: The change in the offensive line put life in the Giant offense. It’s great to see cause with all the talent on this team the offensive line can’t be the Achilles heel. That being said you will see a big boom from Barkley from here on out. With confidence in the line Eli should get the ball out to Barkley in space, and with his opportunities from the running game, he will be a lot more effective. He gets a lot of yards after contact and man does he make people miss which is the best combination for running backs in fantasy.

Who Drops the ball:

Dak Prescott: Man when I saw him in the preseason game which he took Tony Romo job I said wow that’s impressive. But he had talent at the wide receiver and a tight end position that could find open holes in the defenses. Now that’s all those targets are gone Dak looks very bad behind an offensive line that looks like they can only run block. Dare I say drop him and pick up another QB. Like Baker Mayfield , I love this guy he has what you want at the quarterback position. The key to fantasy is getting ahead of the curve, and I’m sure he still available in most leagues.     


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