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Week 16 Streamers

The second round of the playoffs brings great excitement and questionable players to start. For those of you that invested in Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, or Kyler Murray, you’re likely turning to a streaming quarterback to carry you through the postseason. And if you don’t have Travis Kelce, you’re probably entertaining the idea of streaming a tight end as well. It’s do-or-die time, so make sure you take a look at ALL of your options, even if you may have all the answers already on your team. Remember, we always provide the best players to stream at quarterback, tight end, and D/ST. Each streaming option will have ownership under 60%, according to ESPN. Below, you will find two streamers per position and a “deep stream” option (15% or lower). Let’s stream our way into the next round of the fantasy playoffs together! 


Jared Goff

Streamer #1: Jared Goff at Panthers, 51.6% owned

 Week  Opponent  Fantasy Points
 1  vs Eagles  16.5
 2  vs Commanders  26.0
 3  at Vikings  14.9
 4  vs Seahawks  34.2
 5  at Patriots  6.9
 6  BYE  BYE
 7  at Cowboys  3.5
 8  vs Dolphins  17.6
 9  vs Packers  12.4
 10  at Bears  14.8
 11  at Giants  6.5
 12  vs Bills  17.6
 13  vs Jaguars  21.6
 14  vs Vikings  26.1
 15  at Jets  14.1

In the last four weeks, Jared Goff has served as the QB8. He’s even the QB12 on the season, and he was just selected into the Pro Bowl for the first time since 2018 when he was a part of the Los Angeles Rams. Although he looked shaky at times last week, the Jets have dominated fantasy quarterbacks all season. Outside of Josh Allen, no fantasy quarterback had produced the number of points Goff did since Week 2. Now he continues his hot play against a Panthers team that’s allowed 20-plus fantasy points in four out of their last seven games. On top of that, there aren’t many other options to stream this week at quarterback. If Goff is available, he should produce enough to give you a formidable chance this week to move on.

Streamer #2: Brock Purdy vs Commanders, 26.5% owned

 Week  Opponent  Fantasy Points
 1  at Bears  N/A
 2  vs Seahawks  N/A
 3  at Broncos  N/A
 4  vs Rams  N/A
 5  at Panthers  -0.1
 6  at Falcons  N/A
 7  vs Chiefs  1.7
 8  at Rams  N/A
 9  BYE  BYE
 10  vs Chargers  N/A
 11  at Cardinals  0.3
 12  vs Saints  N/A
 13  vs Dolphins  15.3
 14  vs Buccaneers  21.7
 15  at Seahawks  16.5

As mentioned above, there aren’t many good streaming options at quarterback this week. But in the last three weeks, Brock Purdy has been one of the better options. The problem is that many of us had doubts about Mr. Irrelevant. Now that he’s proved that he can produce decent fantasy performances, we should be open to giving him a chance. In the last three weeks, he’s served as the QB10 ahead of names like Tom Brady, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert. Although his matchup against the Commanders isn’t the best on paper, we need to realize that when we stream a quarterback, we should only expect around 15 fantasy points. Purdy has averaged 17.8 during the three games he’s played this season. If Goff isn’t available to pick up and stream, you may want to turn to the last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft.  


Juwan Johnson

Streamer #1: Juwan Johnson at Browns, 20.1% owned

 Week  Opponent  PPR  Points  Half PPR Points  Standard Points
 1  at Falcons  6.3  5.3  4.3
 2  vs Buccaneers  8.0  6.0  4.0
 3  at Panthers  0.0  0.0  0.0
 4  vs Vikings  6.3  4.8  3.3
 5  vs Seahawks  2.3  1.8  1.3
 6  vs Bengals  8.1  6.1  4.1
 7  at Cardinals  20.2  17.7  15.2
 8  vs Raiders  3.4  2.4  1.4
 9  vs Ravens  12.2  11.2  10.2
 10  at Steelers  15.4  12.9  10.4
 11  vs Rams  13.7  12.2  10.7
 12  at 49ers  0.0  0.0  0.0
 13  at Buccaneers  N/A  N/A  N/A
 15  vs Falcons  22.7  20.7  18.7

Like Purdy above, many of us in the fantasy community have overlooked Juwan Johnson at tight end. We haven’t seen much of him during his career until about Week 7 of this year. In Weeks 7-15, Johnson hauled in 21 of his 30 targets for 246 yards and SEVEN touchdowns. During that same span, he’s served as the TE7, and he’s coming off a TE2 finish where he brought in four of his six targets for 67 yards and two touchdowns. He’s obviously created a great connection (especially in the red zone) with veteran quarterback Andy Dalton. Now he and his Saints take on a Cleveland squad that has surrendered double-digit fantasy points to team’s tight ends in four out of their last five games. 

Streamer #2: Chigoziem Okonkwo vs Texans, 16.4% owned

 Week  Opponent  PPR  Points  Half PPR Points  Standard Points
 1  vs Giants  1.7  1.2  0.7
 2  at Bills  0.0  0.0  0.0
 3  vs Raiders  N/A  N/A  N/A
 4  at Colts  12.8  11.3  9.8
 5  at Commanders  0.0  0.0  0.0
 7  vs Colts  0.0  0.0  0.0
 8  at Texans  1.3  0.8  0.3
 9  at Chiefs  5.8  5.3  4.8
 10  vs Broncos  5.1  4.6  4.1
 11  at Packers  4.1  3.6  3.1
 12  vs Bengals  6.5  5.0  3.5
 13  at Eagles  10.8  8.8  6.8
 14  vs Jaguars  18.5  15.5  12.5
 15  at Chargers  10.0  8.0  6.0

Although Johnson has hauled in a ton of touchdowns as of late, Chigoziem Okonkwo might be the better stream this week. Since Week 12, the rookie pass-catcher has produced the third-most tight end fantasy points, behind only Evan Engram and Travis Kelce. Now he and his Titans will take on the one-win Texans at home. Houston is allowing the 10th-most fantasy points to tight ends this season, and they’ve given up more than 11 PPR points in five of their last seven games. With Treylon Burks coming back this week, Okonkwo might see more opportunities his way, now that there’s another dangerous receiver on the field with him. 


Titans Defense

Streamer #1: Titans vs Texans, 43.4% owned

 Week Opponent  Fantasy Points
 1  vs Giants  8.0
 2  at Bills  -5.0
 3  vs Raiders  2.0
 4  at Colts  9.0
 5  at Commanders  5.0
 6  BYE  BYE
 7  vs Colts  20.0
 8  at Texans  11.0
 9  at Chiefs  1.0
 10  vs Broncos  11.0
 11  at Packers  6.0
 12  vs Bengals  0.0
 13  at Eagles  -6.0
 14  vs Jaguars  -6.0
 15  at Chargers  7.0

Let’s stay right here and talk more about this matchup. Although the Texans have been a lot better in recent weeks, they’re still giving up the second-most fantasy points to opposing D/STs on the season. They’ve given up at least 20 points to the position in three out of their last five games. If you can get that many out of your D/ST, it puts you in a much better position to win your matchup. All we are asking for is seven when we seek a D/ST streamer. That number was topped by the Titans in their first matchup against this Texans team back in Week 8 (11). 

Streamer #2: Browns vs Saints, 26.2% owned

 Week  Opponent  Fantasy Points
 1  at Panthers  8.0
 2  vs Jets  0.0
 3  vs Steelers  10.0
 4  at Falcons  3.0
 5  vs Chargers  -5.0
 6  vs Patriots  0.0
 7  at Ravens  7.0
 8  vs Bengals  14.0
 9  BYE  BYE
 10  at Dolphins  -7.0
 11  at Bills  0.0
 12  vs Buccaneers  4.0
 13  at Texans  31.0
 14  at Bengals  3.0
 15  vs Ravens  13.0

Although the Titans are a great play at D/ST this week, Cleveland may be a bit better. The Browns have produced the second-most fantasy points during the last three weeks combined. They have a chance at continuing their dominant play against a dysfunctional Saints team that will be without their top three receivers. On top of that, New Orleans has given up the sixth-most fantasy points to D/STs this season. At times this season, Cleveland has been dominant on the defensive side of the ball. You may see that version again this week, as they should have their way against this Saints team that’s given up the third-most turnovers in the league this season. 


Deep Stream: Sam Darnold vs Lions, 2.2% owned

 Week  Opponent  Fantasy Points
 1  vs Browns  N/A
 2  at Giants  N/A
 3  vs Saints  N/A
 4  vs Cardinals  N/A
 5  vs 49ers  N/A
 6  at Rams  N/A
 7  vs Buccaneers  N/A
 8  at Falcons  N/A
 9  at Bengals  N/A
 10  vs Falcons  N/A
 11  at Ravens  N/A
 12  vs Broncos  16.9
 13  BYE  BYE
 14  at Seahawks  11.8
 15  vs Steelers  13.2

This may be a stretch but you can’t deny the juicy matchup on paper. Sam Darnold has been iffy (at best) since taking over as the Panthers’ starting quarterback. He’s averaging just under 14 fantasy points per game, but the Lions are giving up an average of 23.7 fantasy points per game. That’s easily the worst of any NFL team this season. Five opposing quarterbacks have topped 30 fantasy points, 10 have topped 20, and all but two have topped at least 15. With Detroit so stout against the run, Darnold is going to be forced to pass the ball a lot against this stingy Lions team. 

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