As anyone who has played fantasy football knows, it’s good to know which way the wind blows. The ocean of fantasy assets stretches out before us and expands from horizon to horizon, making any thought of mapping it all out a daunting task. The NFC (or NF-Sea?) holds plenty of dark corners and treacherous pitfalls. It takes a true fantasy explorer to know how to navigate.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! Only the strong can survive and dead men tell no tales.

Each week, we brave souls enter the depths of the North, the East, the South, and the West, and send word as to what we find there. Is it treasure? Is it traps? Is it glory and victory?

We break it all down for you right now.

NFC North Preview

Chris Smith – (@Chrisheatcanes)

What to Watch For:

The Black and Blue division. There’s just something about how up and down this division is. But that is far from a complete story. The story is Michael Jordan. What a basketball player! And the commercial he put out about watching the two best quarterbacks in the game duke it out… Yet, somehow people think it was Jordan challenging Lebron James to a game of one-on-one basketball. However, Jordan was really talking about Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers… and man, I can’t wait for this game!

Let’s dive into the fantasy spook that is the NFC North and see if there is some Fantasy candy available.

Fantasy Impact Players:

Kerryon Johnson/RB/Lions

After a more productive game through the air last week, expect a little more of the same against the Viking this week, who have shown a recent weakness against running backs out of the backfield.

Projections: Rushing 15/45/1 receiving 6/79/1

Marvin Jones JrWR/Lions

It seems that he shows up some weeks, but not others. However,Marvin should have a good game this week, like he usually does against the Vikings. Hopefully, the trade of Golden Tate will help a lot.

Projections: 7/98/1

Adam Theilen/WR/Vikings

Well, Thielen has caught-up with Calvin Johnson with the most consecutive games with 100 yards receiving. After he surpasses that mark this week, it will be his record to own. Something needs to be said about being the most consistent wide receiver in fantasy football PPR history. And that’s the mark Thielen will set with the next game. If you drafted him, you love the fact that you have no worries at your WR1 position

Projections: 8/120/1

Stefon Diggs[/profiler/WR/Vikings

Yes, he showed up last week and will continue to do the same thing in weeks to come. The Lions let everyone catch the ball last week… so expect more of the same this week as Coach Patricia tries to figure out this division.

Projections: 7/87/1

[profiler]Latavius Murray/RB/Vikings

The Lions gave up over 125 yards rushing to Chris Carson last week. Murray should have a field day with the Lions on Sunday because the defensive line has not been playing well for the last two weeks

Projections: Rushing 18/104/1 Receiving 3/35

Tarik Cohen/RB/Bears

It’s going to be hard getting lanes up the middle against the Buffalo Bills, so expect Cohen to get a lot of outside work in the passing game this week.

Projections: Rushing 6/35 Receiving 7/87/1

Mitchell Trubisky/QB/Bears

A very hot-ticket Mitch has been a top-10 QB this season, and much of that is due to his feet running for over 50 yards per game on average. Combining the running dimension with his passing yards makes him a must-start every week!

Projections: Passing 15/23/204/1 Rushing 6/53/1

Aaron Jones/RB/Packers

Jones has taken over the number one RB position in having more plays on the field out of the three Green Bay backs. Expect him to have a big role in the running and passing game this week as these two teams should put up big numbers in a shootout.

Projections: Rushing 15/75 Receiving 5/75/1

Davante Adams/WR/Packers

Being Aaron Rodgers number one WR is a blessing. He throws you open in tight coverages. And he trusts you to make the big catch in tight situations. Adams should have a nice game this week, and he had better, if the Packers want to keep pace with the Patriots.

Projections: Receiving 10/130/1

Sleeper Alert:

Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWR/Packers

It’s all hands on deck for Brady versus Rodgers. Expect a lot of passing in this game as the two GOATs try to show who is the boss in the NFL. Marquez should benefit big-time seeing the third corner on a Patriot’s team that seems to struggle against fast WRs.   

Projections: 6/86/1

Game Predictions:

Lions 21 Vikings 28

Bears 17 Bills 9

Packers 38 Patriots 41


NFC South Preview

Chris Smith(@Chrisheatcanes)

What to Watch For:

The NFC South is full of offensive powerhouses with a variety of ways to attack defenses. From the ground and pound of the Carolina Panthers to the passing attack of the Falcons and the Saints exotic run-pass option — it’s crazy in the NFC South. Ryan Fitzpatrick is even back in the starting role again in Tampa Bay. But the BIG STORY this week in the NFC matchup of the year is Payton vs McVay; Saints Vs Rams coaches. I can’t wait to see two of the best minds in football compete in what may possibly be an NFC Championship preview. Start every offensive player you own on both teams, except the defenses! This game should offer high scoring and mucho fantasy points.  Let’s see what crazy Halloween treats we have behind this door.

Fantasy Impact Players:

Julio Jones/WR/Falcons

Expect another big game for Julio this week. He probably will not score a touchdown. Or will he? Who knows. But the Redskins defense at home has been one of the best in the league, holding teams to an average of 18 points per game. However, the ‘Skins have given up big plays to big-time wide receivers this season, who average 101 yards per game.

Projections: 8/123

Christian McCaffrey/RB/Panthers

Norv Turner is on a roll and is figuring out how to use his team in the best way to win games. And with that, McCaffrey’s TDs have gone up. Against the Tampa Bay defense, CMC is a must-start.

Projections: Rushing 15/98/1 Receiving: 5/45/1

Greg Olsen/TE/Panthers

Back from injury, Greg has caught a touchdown in each of his last two games. The Tampa Bay defense has been bad at covering tight ends, so confidently start Olsen knowing he will be productive this week.

Projections: 6/78/1

Mike Evans/WR/Buccaneers

Since Ryan Fitzpatrick is back, expect Mike Evans’ stats to jump. Since Evans has been open a lot more lately, his route running has gotten a lot better and he seems to be getting more separation than he was before. I know there is at least one guy happy to see Ryan Fitzpatrick back.

Projections: 9/135/1

Alvin Kamara/RB/Saints       

This is a  very obvious pick because the linebackers have a big problem checking backs out of the backfield. And Kamara is not your average back.

Projections: Rushing: 19/87/1 Receiving: 7/98/1

Michael Thomas/WR/Saints

The Rams have had problems checking their opponent’s number one wide receiver.  Thomas is looking to make it an even bigger problem. Note, Thomas has caught 91% of the balls thrown to him, which is the highest percentage in catching balls this year. With his big frame and physical catching style, Thomas is going to make it hard for Peters to check him one-on-one.

Projections: 7/120/1

Sleeper Alert:

D.J. Moore/WR/Panthers

Moore is getting more involved in the offense which can only mean fantasy relevance in my book. He is owned in 10% of the leagues, so if you are in a 12-person league and need a flex, Moore may just be a good option this week.

Projections: 5/75/1

Calvin Ridley/WR/Panthers

The Redskins normally keep the number one wide receiver out of the end zone. But the number two? Yeah, not so much. Expect Ridley to be the red zone target for Matt Ryan this weekend in Washington.

Projections: 5/45/2

Tre’Quan Smith/WR/Saints

I do expect a shootout in this game being that the offensive minds will be in high-gear. So expect Payton to get Tre’Quan Smith more touches this week.

Projections: 5/89/1

Game Predictions:

Falcons 24 Redskins 28

Buccaneers 21 Panthers 27

Rams 33 Saints 38


NFC East Preview

Chris Smith (@Chrisheatcanes)

What to Watch For:

Well, we have two teams on a bye this week in this division. The Giants who should take the rest of the year off. And the Eagles who won a tough game in England versus the Jaguars an need the time to heal. As far as we know the Washington Redskins they are for-real and should set the pace of this division with a win against Atlanta at home. Dallas has the Titans on Monday which will be the Amri Cooper unveiling. All of us Cooper owners, Me included, hope he can return back to his pro bowl years just two years ago. Let dive into the east and hope there are some pumpkin seeds left for baking.

Trade Alert !!

Golden Tate/WR/Eagles

Fantasy Impact Players:

Adrian Peterson/RB/Redskins

Like the old Bandit song, Adrian “is going to do what they say can’t be done,” and put father time off for one more year. AP is a top-five running back. Yes, you read that right. On the verge of becoming one of the oldest running backs to eclipse 1000 yards is incredible. Combined with the fact he has a dislocated shoulder and a sprained ankle, it’s just crazy talk. Expect a consistent performance from “ALL DAY” as the Falcon’s defensive line has been terrible against formidable offensive lines. And the “HOGS” might come to feast this weekend.

Projections: 22/112/1

Josh Doctson/WR/Redskins

You’re going to have to work with me on this one people. With only two teams playing, I have to give you someone.

Projections: 6/78/1

Ezekiel Elliott/RB/Cowboys

As one big option on this team, expect him to bounce back from a poor outing versus the Redskins. He should be more involved in the passing game this time around as well.  

Projections: Rushing 22/78/1 receiving 4/56/1

Amari Cooper/WR/Cowboys

With so much pressure to show that he was worth the pickup, expect a lot of plays to get Cooper the ball. I expect a nice showing, since Cooper is best when the ball is in his hands.

Projections: 7/89/1

Sleeper Alert:

Chris Thompson/RB/Redskins

He fell under the radar after he got injured. But make no mistake he is the big play threat on this team. With a bad defense in Atlanta because of injury expect a good game from Chris this game.

Projections: Rushing 5/20 Receiving 6/75/1

Michael Gallup/WR/Cowboys

With Amari on one side drawing the coverage, expect Gallup to get a couple of big plays in the passing game.

Projections: 4/87/1

Game Predictions:

Falcons 24 Redskins 28

Titans 10 Cowboys 21


NFC West Preview

Mitch Lawson (@DFF_MitchLawson)

What to Watch For:

How Much More Can the 49ers Take?

Seriously, no team has been bitten as hard by the injury bug in 2018. After losing their two most exciting players in Garopollo and McKinnon, the 49ers have also spent significant time without several other important players. Now, they likely have to play without CJ Beathard, and work with a still-hobbled Matt Breida. The 49ers are actually set up for some pretty nice fantasy matchups over the next 4-weeks. But can you even consider starting them in fantasy?

Fantasy Impact Players:

Chris Carson/RB/Seahawks

Carson has re-taken his place as the lead back in Seattle. He balled out again, tallying his third 100-yard game in his last four starts. Mike Davis might still get in on some plays, but it will be Carson leading the way. He’ll keep right on rolling against the Chargers

Projections: Rushing – 20/110/1 Receiving – 3/18/0

George Kittle/TE/49ers

Essentially the only fantasy-viable option on the 49ers, Kittle gets a decent matchup against the Raiders. He’ll be a security blanket for the QB that starts. Kittle also gets a soft Raiders Defense. It should be a nice outing.

Projections: 8/65/1

Todd Gurley/RB/Rams

Gurley just keeps producing. It’s unreal. He is on pace for 1,600 rushing yards and 700 receiving yards to go with 30 projected TDs. His worst game so far has been a 19.6 fantasy point effort (standard scoring) in Week 3. However, his new worst will be this week against a tough Saints D. Talk about a bold take!

Projections: 23/145/0

Sleeper Alert:

David Moore/WR/Seahawks

Oh sure, call the guy with 4 TDs in his last 3 games a sleeper… Well, it’s true. He’s not getting any respect for those TDs. But it’s clear that he’s becoming the receiver that the now-departed Brandon Marshall was supposed to be for the Seahawks. David Moore will find the endzone again in Week 9 and improve his reception numbers too.

Projections: 5/90/1 TD

Game Predictions:

Seattle 33  vs. LA Chargers – 28

San Francisco – 13 vs. Oakland – 0

LA Rams – 33 @ New Orleans – 35


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