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DFF Draft Coverage: Jacob Harris to the Rams May 2, 2021

JACOB HARRIS | Tight End                       6’5” | 219 lbs                     Age 23 Jacob Harris was drafted 141st overall by the Los Angeles Rams, becoming the 8th tight end selected in the […]...

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Pro Day Round-Up March 12, 2021

Today is March 11, 2021, this is important because we are less than a week away from Free Agency. On March 17th we will likely find out where players such as JuJu Smith-Schuster, Kenny Golladay, Aaron Jones, Will Fuller, Curtis Samuel, Corey Davis, Todd G...

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Draft Stock Watch: Bowl Week 1 December 31, 2020

Each week I will bring you the latest updates and NFL buzz surrounding college players that should prove to be integral to future fantasy success. I will utilize recent statistics, performance and film, and general “front office whispers” to compile t...

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