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FFPC Dynasty & Redraft Series: Championship Week December 31, 2021

It’s been a wild few weeks since the FootballGuys Players Championship (FBG) playoffs started. I think there might be a couple of NFL players that haven’t either got COVID or been injured. They’re not on my squads, though. It has been something else...

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Week 16 Streamers December 22, 2021

Streaming options need to be monitored daily at this point. With COVID-19 ruining the chances for some of your players to play, you need to make sure you are targeting your star players’ back-ups/replacements. It’s always better to be safe. For exampl...

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DFS Week 15 Recap December 21, 2021

With a limited amount of options on the main slate, choosing the right players was that much more important in Week 15. Tyler Huntley was forced to step back into the starting role with Lamar Jackson out again this week and boy did he show up. Huntley led...

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