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Week 6 Streamers October 13, 2021

Week 6 is upon us, and it’s getting crazy in the fantasy football world. You need to key in on great streaming options more than ever, as it is prime time to push for a playoff berth. Throughout this series, we will provide the best weekly options to st...

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DFF Redraft League: Drafting From The One Spot August 2, 2021

Picking out of the one spot is easy this year in regards to who to take #1 overall, but the strategy following that pick can vary greatly. Below is my thought process as I drafted one of my favorite teams thus far during this off-season. Let me know what ...

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Dynasty Story: Dede Westbrook August 11, 2020

In a dynasty story, I’ll look at a single player and how his value has fluctuated over time, starting from their college profile. I’ll factor in his NFL stats and generally discuss what he did in each of his NFL seasons. Then, I’ll look at their 202...

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