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Treylon Burks: 2021 Devy Profile February 22, 2021

As of now, Treylon Burks is a consensus top 5 WR in the 2022 class. I am very confident he will end up in my top 3. What will propel Burks up boards is his athleticism and size. With a frame very similar to D.K. Metcalf and speed of his own, Burks could b...

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DFF Redraft Championship: Early Season Review September 25, 2020

After two weeks @DFF_JoeMem is leading the pack at 2-0 and 65.7 points ahead of @BombadilFantasy who is currently in second place. Joe picked from the 10th spot in the draft. His strategy to fade quarterback and tight end in favor of loading up on top tie...

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