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LB Dynasty Tiers

I’ve got a Dynasty Startup Auction beginning in early January, so I put together Dynasty #IDP tiers for each position except CB, because, c’mon… Hopefully, nobody from the Shark Tank reads this. * = designates soon-to-be UFA Word of Warning: I

IDP Stock Market Weekly: Week 2

Welcome to the first installment of the IDP Stock Market Weekly. I am going to bring you each week of the season the players that I am bullish, and need to be acquired quickly. Also, those bearish players that I am selling before they are destined for the

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Buy Now: Linebackers

As I have been drafting this year I have taken notice of a few LBs that can play WAY above their ADP. When you are able to get starters in the late rounds of drafts who can contribute as a higher scoring player you’re doing it right. Same thoughts i